Friday, March 31, 2017

Hotel - 'The Complete Collection' Re-Release...At a Fraction of the Price!

Hotel - 'The Complete Collection' Re-Release...At a Fraction of the Price!

VEI tells us it includes all the same content from the original 2015 DVD set

Posted by David Lambert
Here's something we've missed...for months now, apparently!

But let's set up this write-up with a bit of an explanation, starting farther back than that. You see, back in October 2015, VEI released Hotel - The Complete Collection on DVD. It was a 29-disc set originally priced at $249.98 SRP, saying on the cover that it "includes all 114 episodes"...we're told that this was IN ADDITION TO the inclusion of the pilot telefilm. These days that set sells for about 60 bucks.

Now we get to what happened a few months ago. VEI quietly released a new edition of Hotel - The Complete Collection on DVD. It's been available since last December 9th, and at a MUCH lower price! You can buy it from or from VEI's online store for roughly $30, after discount, and it's available to own right away.

Now for the question that the package art, shown below, brings up: on the front cover, it says THIS time that the set "includes all 115 episodes." Wait, what? Why the different count? Where did the extra episode come from? We checked with VEI, and we're grateful to them for clearing up the mystery: the "115th" episode is the pilot telefilm, this time included in the count mentioned on the package cover. Our contact at VEI was extremely clear on this point: "Both products have the same content." So, if you own the previous set, you're not missing anything from it. But if you never got the original release, now's the chance to get it at a low cost.

Our thanks to reader Tim Gouge for being the first to email us about this issue. Our further thanks to VEI for responding so quickly to our inquiry. Here's the new package art...if you don't own this yet, it's a heckuva great deal for such a large collection!
Hotel - The Complete Collection

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