Thursday, December 28, 2017

Doctor Who - Package Art, Correct (Lower!) Price, and More Updates for 'The Complete Peter Capaldi Years'

Doctor Who - Package Art, Correct (Lower!) Price, and More Updates for 'The Complete Peter Capaldi Years'

Blu-ray-only release is scheduled to be available on February 13th

Posted by David Lambert
    Peter Capaldi's tenure as the Twelfth Doctor has been one of the most epic eras in the rich history of Doctor Who, filled with mad adventures and exhilarating storylines! Now, in the midst of his curtain-call, all of his episodes have been collected in a beautiful, lay-flat package along with hours and hours of bonus features, over 3 hours of which are new to disc!
It's no secret that the other day saw the end of Peter Capaldi's run as the 12th Doctor, as it came to a close in Doctor Who - 2017 Christmas Special: Twice Upon A Time. I personally enjoyed the episode, and I hope each of you did as well! The show returns in the fall with a new Doctor, and a new showrunner, too. "Oh, brilliant!"

Those of us who had a grand old time with Capaldi's Doctor over the past three series are happy to recall that at the beginning of this month we reported that BBC Home Entertainment is planning on a high-def Blu-ray Disc release of Doctor Who - The Complete Peter Capaldi Years, scheduled for February 13th (Blu only; no DVD version). At the time we passed along word from that it would be a 16-disc set for $148.95 SRP; that information turns out to be unfinalized, and incorrect.

Now the BBC has officially announced this title, verifying the date. But the correct disc count is 14 Blu-rays, and the cost is going to be $129.99 SRP instead...a nicer price! The studio describes that it "Includes every Peter Capaldi episode of Doctor Who...[and] Includes over 3 hours of new bonus content, plus hours and hours of bonus content from the original releases!" The BBC further says that "Packaging is a limited edition lay-flat book"; we have a picture of that below! As you can see, it is adorned with images of the 12th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Bill Potts, Nardole, and Missy.

You can pre-order this from or the BBC Shop online store:
Order this title from buy at BBC Shop Doctor Who - The Complete Peter Capaldi Years

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