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Garfield and Friends - We've Learned That PBS Slipped a New DVD Release Out, and Plans Another!

Garfield and Friends - We've Learned That PBS Slipped a New DVD Release Out, and Plans Another!

Nine Lives (with Garfield in the Rough) is now available, with '20 Stories' also in-the-works

Posted by David Lambert
From September 17, 1988 until December 10, 1994, CBS aired Garfield and Friends on Saturday mornings. After ten episodes of the show had been broadcast, CBS aired the ninth in a long line of primetime specials featuring the fan-favorite cat: Garfield: His 9 Lives. Based on Jim Davis' 1984 book of the same title, it showed 9 segments of Garfield in each of his various lives:
  1. "Cave Cat"
  2. "King Cat"
  3. "In the Garden"
  4. "Court Musician"
  5. "Stunt Cat"
  6. "Diana's Piano"
  7. "Lab Animal"
  8. "Garfield"
  9. "Space Cat"
These segments are bookended by a pair of sequences: "In The Beginning," where God orders that felines first be created. And then an afterlife sequence, where Garfield (accompanied by Odie) is appealing to God regarding the circumstances of their deaths at the end of "Space Cat." I think there's no doubt about the outcome, of course!

To our surprise, we learned today that this past February 13th, PBS - following up on their release last September of Happy Holidays, Garfield! - put out this 1988 special on DVD for just $6.99 SRP. The new release is called simply Garfield: Nine Lives (breaking with the original full name of the TV special). It includes Garfield in the Rough on it as well, which was the third-ever primetime special, airing back in 1984.

Garfield in the Rough was previously available on disc in 2005's Garfield Travel Adventures DVD), while "Garfield's Nine Lives" was previously available on disc in another 2005 DVD release called Garfield Fantasies. HOWEVER, if you've missed owning those now discontinued home video titles, then these two specials are currently available from Amazon for under five bucks. Package art can be seen below.

And PBS isn't done yet! We've also learned today that the studio plans to follow up their February release with a new DVD on June 12th. It's also priced at just $6.99 SRP, according to Amazon's new pre-order listing. It's called "Garfield: 20 Stories," and that's all the info Amazon has about it so far. There's no official announcement from PBS yet, either, or artwork either! So stay tuned, of course, and we'll update you as more details become available.
    Garfield: Nine Lives - Garfield hosts a look at his nine lives, from Cave Cat all the way through Space Cat. At the end of his nine tales, Garfield points out to God that the circumstances of his last life were stacked unfairly against him and Odie. God agrees and gives Garfield back not just one life, but nine more!

    Garfield in the Rough - Jon announces that he, Garfield, and Odie are going on vacation! Garfield gets excited, but that enthusiasm quickly wanes when he discovers Jon planned a camping trip - what a choice! Life in the wild gets dangerous when an escaped panther enters their campground. Will the rangers be able to capture the panther before it finds the trio?
Order this title from Garfield and Friends - Garfield: Nine Lives (& Garfield in the Rough)

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