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Jericho - A DVD Re-Release of 'The Complete Series' for Skeet Ulrich's 2006 Show

Jericho - A DVD Re-Release of 'The Complete Series' for Skeet Ulrich's 2006 Show

9-DVD set with all 30 episodes will return to stores this June

Posted by David Lambert
    Available in a new shelf-friendly complete series collection! Jericho: The Complete Series is the highly acclaimed drama legions of devoted fans are "nuts" about. After a mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, the citizens of a small, peaceful Kansas town find themselves cut off from the rest of the world. Isolated, frightened and struggling amongst themselves - along with violent rival sects - some struggle to survive while others emerge to become unlikely heroes. Includes a Bonus Disc loaded with Special Features.
Ten years ago CBS/Paramount released Jericho - The Complete Series on DVD, with both seasons of the 2006 series starring Skeet Ulrich (Riverdale). The 9-disc set had gone out of print, but now Paramount Home Entertainment has announced that they're re-releasing it this June 5th.

Priced at $29.98 SRP, it will have the same content on the same 9 DVDs, but with new outer packaging. For those of you who missed it when the original set went out-of-print (although it's not difficult to find, frankly!), you'll be pleased to know that the 9th bonus disc is still being included. Here's what extras it contained:
  • Tick Tick Boom
  • Behind the Scenes "Thank You"
  • 100 Reasons To Watch Jericho
  • Table Read
  • Napalm Action Sequence (from Season 2)
  • Train Crash Sequence (from Season 2)
  • Cast Members' Memorable Moments
And here's a look at the new package art for this item:
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