Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Most Wanted - Robert Stack and Shelly Novack in 'The Complete Series': Now Available!

Most Wanted - Robert Stack and Shelly Novack in 'The Complete Series': Now Available!

MOD release began shipping today from CBS and Amazon/CreateSpace

Posted by David Lambert
    "Most Wanted," an American Crime drama starring Oscar-nominee Robert Stack (for "Written on the Wind," and famous for his roles on television's "The Untouchables" and "Unsolved Mysteries").

    Stack reunites with "The Untouchable's" prolific producer Quinn Martin for "Most Wanted. " In the series, the Los Angeles Mayor, played by Hari Rhodes ("The Streets of San Francisco"), sets up an elite task force unit of the LAPD to exclusively focus on capturing the city's most wanted criminals. The unit, led by Captain Linc Evers (Stack), uses undercover tactics to track down LA's most dangerous felons.

    "Most Wanted" also stars Shelly Novack ("Police Story," "The F.B.I.") and Jo Ann Harris ("The Simpsons," "State of the Union") and great young actors in minor roles, including Tom Selleck as a computer nerd. It also had a theme by Lalo Schifrin (Mission: Impossible theme). A Quinn Martin Production, "Most Wanted" had become a Top 10 Nielsen ratings hit, (#7) before it was inexplicably cancelled after only one season on the air.
It's been almost a year since we had the heads-up that Most Wanted - The Complete Series was being prepared for MOD (manufacture on demand) DVD. Now today, March 20th, CBS Home Entertainment has made that title available to own! If you pre-ordered it, then it's on its way. If not, then you can place your order now from Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program using the button link below. Under that is the cover art. Cost is $39.99 SRP for a 5-disc set starring Robert Stack and Shelly Novack!
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