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Static Shock - It's All Over For Static! The 4th (and Final) Season is Announced for DVD

Static Shock - It's All Over For Static! The 4th (and Final) Season is Announced for DVD

MOD release from the Warner Archives Collection is coming in April

Posted by David Lambert
    Static Shock's fourth and final season cements Static's arrival as an A-list super hero, thanks to a Bat-charged flash-forward that sees Static (voiced by Phil Lamarr) bounce from the present-era Bruce Wayne/Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) to Batman Beyond's Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle) and a glimpse at his own future self.

    After confronting the future's incarnation of Kobra (voiced by Lance Henriksen), Virgil returns to Dakota City in the present, where he and Gear (voiced by Jason Marsden) tackle faux Bang Baby wannabe hero She-Bang, and assist African hero Anansi and try to take down Static's idol, Green Lantern (also voiced by Lamarr).

    It all comes to a head when a cure is discovered for the Bang Babies...a cure that threatens Gear's and Static's abilities as well! This collection also includes the Justice League Unlimited two-part episode "Once and Future Thing," which follows up on elements from Static Shock's time-bending season opener.
This past weekend (March 23-25) in Anaheim, California, the Warner Archive was present at the WonderCon 2018 Anaheim Comic-Con. While they were there, it was announced (including on the online studio store; see button link below) that the animated epic's final episodes are coming to DVD this April 24th as an MOD (manufacture on demand) release of Static Shock - The Complete 4th Season.

As you see in the studio description quoted above, this DVD set includes cross-over episodes into the worlds of Batman Beyond (coming into this show for the season premiere) and Justice League Unlimited (exporting elements of this show over to JLU as part of a two-part story which aired almost a year after Static Shock's finale). These are a pair of fan favorites, naturally!

Priced at $24.99 SRP for 13 episodes and the two-part bonus story from Justice League Unlimited, you can pre-order it right away from WBshop or you can check back on that Amazon link we provide: the big "A" isn't taking pre-orders just yet, but they're expected to activate that very soon. Here's a look at the front of the packaging:
Buy from Order this title from Static Shock - The Complete 4th Season

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