Monday, March 26, 2018

The Mighty Orbots - Warner Archive Announces 'The Complete Series' of the 80s Cartoon!

The Mighty Orbots - Warner Archive Announces 'The Complete Series' of the 80s Cartoon!

MOD release from the Warner Archives Collection is coming in April

Posted by David Lambert
    Earth: the 23rd century. A time of robots and aliens. And of destruction and terror! Can the Galactic Patrol, defender of the United Planets, stop the evil computer Umbra? You bet they can! Meet Rob Simmons, the secret inventor of feisty Ohno; mighty Tor; versatile Bort; elusive Boo; Bo, the master of the elements; and Crunch, the metal muncher! Super robots forging together at Rob's command to form Mighty Orbots, champion of the universe!

    This Japanese-American co-production may have lasted only one season, but thanks to its veteran director, Osamu Dezaki (Astro Boy), and character designs from Akio Sugino (Kimba the White Lion), it's one of the sleekest and most striking action cartoons to be broadcast in a decade brimming with them. So get ready to cheer for six special robots, as they defend the agents of the Galactic Patrol from the menace of the criminal organization SHADOW.
This past weekend (March 23-25) in Anaheim, California, the Warner Archive was present at the WonderCon 2018 Anaheim Comic-Con. While they were there, it was announced (including on the online studio store; see button link below) that The Mighty Orbots - The Complete Series is coming to DVD on April 17th.

This manufacture on demand (MOD) release of the 1984 cartoon series is priced at $29.99 SRP. The ABC network broadcast this on Saturday mornings from September to December of '84, and here you'll get all 13 episodes in one neat package! Check out the package's front cover art:
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