Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Bachelorette 6/4 on ABC

The Bachelorette: Episode 1402 (6/4)


   Celebrity Rapper Lil Jon and Comic Actor Fred Willard Guest Star;
                        One Man’s Explosive Secret May Put an End to His Journey to Find Love

“Episode 1402” – Twenty-one men – still reeling from the dramatic first rose ceremony – look to get their love story with Becca off to a good start as they move into the mansion. Fan-favorite Bachelorette couple Rachel and Bryan put eight of the bachelors through their paces in an obstacle course meant to test their abilities as a groom. Blake gets the first one-on-one date of the season planned by Chris Harrison with an assist from celebrity rapper Lil Jon. Ten lucky men arrive at a gym where they are challenged to show off their athletic skills while playing in a dodgeball tournament in front of a live audience. Iconic comedian Fred Willard joins Chris for the colorful commentary. Some shocking news will be shared during the after-party which rocks Becca’s world, and she must remain focused on her ultimate goal of finding a soul mate, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JUNE 4 (8:00–10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.  

Rachel and Bryan explain the obstacle course to the eight excited guys decked out in tuxes. The “winner” gets to propose to Becca. However, the boastful champion earns some enemies as he shows off at the after-party, and there is a face-off between him and one of the jealous men.

Blake is the fortunate man to get the first one-on-one date. Chris Harrison reveals that Becca and Blake will work through the Bachelorette’s stunning ending to the past season by destroying objects that represent Arie and Becca’s relationship, including the demolition derby racecar, the breakup couch and a video of their engagement. Rapper Lil Jon performs his hit, “Turn Down for What,” as the couple use sledgehammers to make waste of the bad memories. This unassuming guy opens up about his unfortunate dating past, but will his vulnerability be a plus or a minus for Becca?

Becca and three very energetic kids greet 10 bachelors to put them through a series of dodgeball activities where the men showcase their physical skills. When Becca reveals that they will be competing in a dodgeball tournament in front of a live audience, a fierce dodgeball game played on trampolines breaks out. Comic actor Fred Willard joins Chris in his inventive color commentary role. At the after-party, one of Becca’s favorites drops a bombshell secret which blindsides her. Will she be able to move forward with this handsome man? 

The cocktail party is full of drama as Becca admits to having a hard time in light of the information she received the previous night. One flashy suitor shows up in his underwear to steal some time with Becca, which creates even more tension between the men. In the end, three men go home without a rose.

Becca’s 21 suitors are:
Alex, 31, a construction manager from Atlanta, Georgia
Blake, 28, a sales representative from Bailey, Colorado
Chris, 30, a sales trainer from Orlando, Florida
Christon, 31, a former Harlem Globetrotter from Los Angeles, California
Clay, 30, a professional football player from Chicago, Illinois
Colton, 26, a former professional football player from Denver, Colorado
Connor, 25, a fitness coach from St. Petersburg, Florida
David, 25, a venture capitalist/chicken from Denver, Colorado
Garrett, 29, a medical sales representative from Reno, Nevada
Jason, 29, a senior corporate banker from Buffalo, New York
Jean “Jean Blanc,” 31, a colognoisseur from Pensacola, Florida
John, 28, a software engineer from San Francisco, California
Jordan, 26, a male model from Crystal River, Florida
Leo, 31, a stuntman from Studio City, California
Lincoln, 26, an account sales executive from Los Angeles, California
Mike, 27, a sports analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio
Nick, 27, an attorney from Orlando, Florida
Rickey, 27, an IT consultant from San Diego, California
Ryan, 26, a banjoist from Manhattan Beach, California
Trent, 28, a realtor from Naples, Florida
Wills, 29, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California

Hosted by Chris Harrison, “The Bachelorette” is a production of Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television. Mike Fleiss, Elan Gale, Bennett Graebner and Nicole Woods are the executive producers. “The Bachelorette” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format, with 5.1 stereo surround sound. This episode carries a TV-PG, DL parental guideline.

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