Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Total Bellas 2/3 on E!

Too Much "Chemistry"? Brie Bella Warns Nikki Against Training With Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella is over being told what to do!

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas, the WWE star reveals to Brie Bella that she wants to enlist Dancing With the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev's help for a surprise. Apparently, Nikki hopes Artem will help her get in shape for Evolution and choreograph a dance for mom Kathy Colace.
"I absolutely loved the shape I was in when I was dancing," Nikki explains in a confessional. "Doing this dance with my mom means that I could be in that same shape for Evolution, because that's what I really, really want. Like, so bad!"

However, the Bella Twin faces almost immediate criticism from her sister. Per the mother-of-one, Nikki and Artem's "chemistry" could spark unnecessary rumors.

"I have amazing chemistry with people in the ring, people don't call me a lesbian!" Nikki defends at dinner. "I'm just trying to prove a point."

While Nikki makes a fair point, Brie still urges her to be cautious about spending too much time with Artem. "You don't think the media's gonna blow it out of proportion and make up all this B.S.?" Brie inquires. "Yeah, the media is crazy."

Although Nikki reminds Brie that Artem is now one of her good friends, Birdie Danielson's mom reveals she's worried the press will make her twin out to be a "cheater."

"It just sucks because I'm in a situation where I feel like everyone's constantly telling me how to live my life," Nikki remarks.

"Unfortunately, that's the position we're in," Brie concludes.

Watch the candid conversation go down in the clip above!

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Watch Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev Get Flirty While Talking About Dating on Total Bellas

How cute are these two?!

In this exclusive clip from Sunday's all new episode of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella and her former Dancing With the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev continue their flirty lunch date in an effort to catch up following her breakup with ex-fiancé John Cena.
The newly single WWE star asks the DWTS pro if he's been dating and he replies, "No." "You're around a bunch of hot woman," Nikki says.

"People will DM me constantly," Artem admits.
"Do you get any nudies?" Nikki asks.
"I'm not gonna go there with you," Artem smiles. "I'm not even gonna tell you."
"I think you were in my DMs," a visibly giddy Nikki adds. "Just kidding."
"Oh really?" Artem replies. "I would know that."
"Oh my god, how much hate...I can't even like your photos on Instagram without getting a crazy amount of hate," Nikki says.
"Yeah, breakup sucks," he tells her.
"So no dates?" Nikki asks.
"We'll see, I don't know," Artem replies.
See Nikki and Artem's flirt-fest in the clip above!
Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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