Friday, February 15, 2019

Total Bellas 2/17 on E!

Brie Bella Comes Down With a Serious Case of "Mom Guilt" on Total Bellas

No one likes a guilty conscience! Especially not this kind. 

In this clip from Sunday's new Total Bellas, WWE's beloved pair of butt-kicking twins hit the gym to prepare for the next leg of their joint wrestling comeback. After meeting up with Daniel Bryan for a training, Nikki Bella is ready to jump into the ring right away. But it's clear Brie Bella has something else on her mind.

"This whole run has's been very difficult," Bryan tells Nikki, gesturing to a very sullen-looking Brie sitting beside him. "As parents, it's just very, very stressful."

In 2017, Brie and Bryan temporarily hung up their respective wrestling uniforms following the birth of their first daughter Birdie. Now, with their WWE careers taking off again, both halves of the couple are learning to manage professional commitments in addition to newly urgent personal ones. 

For two people who really want to be there for their kids, it definitely isn't easy.

"You see how [Birdie] is now," Brie says. "It's like, I go to use the restroom and she gets so upset. And she didn't do that three weeks ago."

Nikki feels for her sister, but she's also feeling a little stressed herself.

"I think mom guilt is a real thing. And I think that's really heavy on my sister right now," Nikki tells the confessional camera. "But at the end of the day, we did sign up for this. And there's a lot of frustration there for me. Because I just have to pick up that slack."
Hear what else Nikki has to say about Brie's "mom guilt"—and how she's handling it—in the clip above! 

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See Nikki Bella's Reaction When Brie Flakes on Her at the Last Minute

Parenting is a full-time job, and Brie Bella is definitely putting in the hours!
In this clip from Sunday's new Total Bellas, Brie confronts her twin sis and business partner with some last-minute bad news. Unfortunately, Nikki Bella doesn't take it very well.
"You can't get mad," says Brie at the clip's start, but Nikki begs to differ.
"Just so you know, any time you start a conversation like that means the person's gonna get mad," she deadpans.
"OK, so you might get mad," Brie replies. "But I'm not going to be able to make it to Philadelphia Comic Con."
Brie goes on to explain that she needs to stay home to take care of Birdie Danielson, her 1-year-old daughter with Daniel Bryan, since they agreed "one parent has to be with Birdie" at all times.
Nikki doesn't take issue with her twin's mom-related responsibilities, but rather her lack of notice.
"You're telling me the day before the event?" she asks Brie, before reminding her that this situation isn't really the first of its kind. "Kirby Con I had to take a red eye and go straight and speak without you. And now it's just happening again."
"I said 'yes' to this appearance months ago before I knew I was making a comeback," Brie counters. "We said 'yes' to a bunch [of appearances], a bunch got added, and everyone's forgetting that I'm a mom."
See the twins' tense conversation play out in the clip above!
Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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