Friday, February 22, 2019

Total Bellas 2/24 on E!

EXCLUSIVE! See Peter Kraus Seriously Impress Nikki Bella & Her Family Before Their Romantic Date

Nikki Bella isn't the only one swooning over Peter Kraus' good looks!
In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of Total Bellas, the handsome Bachelorette hunk arrives to Brie Bella's home to take Nikki on a date and has the Bella Twins' entire family in awe...even Brie's hubby Daniel Bryan!

"First of all I just want to say Peter is hot!" Bryan says after greeting Peter at the door. "As a man, as a straight man, I can say that Peter is hot."

As Peter greets his beautiful date, the WWE star is equally impressed. "Aw, you brought flowers," Nikki smiles.

"You look fantastic!" Peter tells Nikki as he gives her the bouquet. "These are for you."
"Thank you! Oh my gosh. You're like the sweetest. That was really sweet," Nikki gushes.
After meeting Nikki and her family, Peter introduces himself to Brie and Bryan's excited pup Winston.

"I have a puppy at home too," Peter tells them. "I have a one and a half year old pit bull. She's already got like gray in her beard and everything so she matches me, it's fun."

And it seems even Brie and Bryan's 1-year-old daughter Birdie Joe Danielson is enjoying the introduction as she smells the bouquet of flowers in her aunt's hands. "Look at what Peter brought Coco," Nikki says.

See Peter's big first impression in the clip above and see how their date turns out Sunday night!

Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

Nikki Bella Contemplates Going on a Date With Taye Diggs on Total Bellas: "He's Hot!"

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make Nikki Bella a match?

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas, Brie Bella takes the lead in attempting to set twin sister Nikki up. Apparently, the mother of one has taken on this task as John Cena's ex refuses to use dating apps.

"When you're in the spotlight, sometimes it's nice to kind of have people help you go on dates," Brie explains in a confessional. "First off, she won't go on Tinder or Bumble."
Furthermore, per Birdie Danielson's mom, both she and Nikki "always feel like everyone's a serial killer." Regardless, Brie has made it her mission to set Nikki up with another famous face.
"Mom will love this one! Peter [Kraus] from The Bachelor—he was a fan favorite," the WWE veteran notes to the family.
Surprisingly, both brother J.J. Garcia and sister-in-law Lauren Garcia are eager for this match. After Lauren reveals she "was rooting for Peter" on the dating show, J.J. confesses he likes "that guy."
Still, Peter isn't the only contender, as Taye Diggs appears to have also expressed an interest in Nikki.
"He's hot," Nikki quips.
"He's very hot," mom Kathy Colace adds.
Brie goes on to put her support behind Diggs as she thinks the Private Practice alum "would be fun."
Ultimately, Kathy advises Nikki to go out with both men as "the power is in numbers." This doesn't sit well with the single Bella Twin as she doesn't want to be turned into The Bachelorette.

However, Nikki may be whisked off her feet since both men have agreed to fly to San Diego to meet with the wrestling maven. "Oh my gosh! Really, for me?" a stunned Nikki inquires.

Despite all of the interest, the 35-year-old wrestler doesn't seem eager to put herself out there.
"It's gonna be so uncomfortable," Nikki laments to her family. "Can't we just do a FaceTime date?"
Watch Brie's matchmaking skills unfold in the clip above!
Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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