Sunday, April 21, 2019

Upcoming New TV Series

Upcoming New Series (mostly fiction)


"Gentleman Jack" HBO April 22
"I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson" Netflix April 23 (NEW)
"Games People Play" BET April 23 (NEW)
"Bonding" Netflix April 24 (NEW)
"Chambers" Netflix April 26 (NEW)
"Yankee" Netflix April 26
"The Red Line" CBS April 28
"Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries" AcornTV April 29 (NEW)
"Ingress: The Animation" Netflix (animated) April 30 (NEW)


"Tuca & Bertie" Netflix May 3
"Dead To Me" Netflix May 3 (NEW)
"Flinch" Netflix May 3 (game show) (NEW)
"The Spanish Princess" Starz May 5
"State of the Union" Sundance Now May 6 (NEW)
"Chernobyl" HBO (miniseries) May 6 (NEW)
"Klepper" Comedy Central May 9 (reality) (NEW)
"The Society" Netflix May 10 (NEW)
"L.A.'s Finest" Spectrum May 13
"Catch-22" HULU May 17
"It's Bruno" Netflix May 17 (NEW)
"Blood and Treasure" CBS May 21 (NEW)
"The Name of the Rose" Sundance May 23 (new date)
"Pitching In" AcornTV May 24 (NEW)
"The Hot Zone" NatGeo May 27
"Songland" NBC May 28 (competition) (NEW)
"The InBetween" NBC May 29 (NEW)
"How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)" Netflix May 31 (NEW)
"When They See Us" Netflix May 31
"Good Omens" Amazon May 31
"Swamp Thing" DC Universe May 31 (NEW)


"American Princess" Lifetime June 2
"Perpetual Grace, LTD" Epix June 2
"NOS4A2" AMC June 2 (NEW)
"Malibu Rescue" Netflix June 3 (NEW)
"Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City" Netflix June 7 (NEW)
"Press Your Luck" ABC June 12 (game show) (NEW)
"Card Sharks" ABC June 12 (game show) (NEW)
"The Jinn" Netflix June 13 (NEW)
"Too Old to Die Young" Amazon June 14 (NEW)
"Los Espookys" HBO June 14 (NEW)
"Frankie Drake Mysteries" Ovation June 15
"City on a Hill" Showtime June 16
"Euphoria" HBO June 16 (NEW)
"Grand Hotel" ABC June 17
"Alternating with Arturo Castro" Comedy Central June 18 (NEW)
"Holey Moley" ABC June 20 (game show) (NEW)
"Spin the Wheel" FOX June 20 (game show) (NEW)
"Reef Break" ABC June 20 (NEW)
"The Loudest Voice" Showtime June 30 (NEW)


"Bring the Funny" NBC July 9 (competition) (NEW)
"Chasing the Cure" TBS July 25
"Four Weddings and Funeral" HULU July 31 (NEW)


"The Politician" Netflix September 27 (NEW)


"The Mandalorian" Disney+ November 12 (NEW)

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