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-The Premiere Episode Extravaganza Kicks off at 5pm/4pm CT, Ending at Midnight-
(New York, NY) – It might be still be the heat of summer, but for true-crime fanatics everywhere, Labor Day marks the best time to cool down with chilling investigations and all-new mysteries. This Labor Day, Investigation Discovery (ID), is giving fans a marathon day filled with brand new episodes of ID’s most popular shows. So grab some snacks and your partner in crime and get ready to settle in for seven new episodes from ID’s most beloved series. The Labor Day Premiere Stunt begins Monday, September 2nd at 5pm/4pm CST, only on Investigation Discovery.

The day begins with back-to-back episodes of fan-favorite series DEADLY WOMEN, leading up to a new episode starting at 5pm/4pm CT.  The night ends with the premiere of the second season of SOMEONE YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW, which explores the most unsuspecting crimes: the ones committed by people the victims loved and trusted the most.

The full Labor Day line-up is as follows:

DEADLY WOMEN - all-new episode at 5pm/4pm CT | Episodes continue Thursdays at 9/8c
Episode Title: A Family Tragedy
This episode tells three stories of three macabre women. The first is Aurea Vazquez-Rijos, a Puerto-Rican beauty with expensive tastes. She married multi-millionaire property mogul, Adam Joel Anhang, but then the life of luxury she'd always wanted took a turn for the worst, causing her to flee the country. The next woman is Pamela Lee Worms, who was caught cheating by her pastor husband, he banished her to America where she settled in New Orleans. She quickly remarried, but in an attempt to keep her husband, she did the unthinkable.  Last is the story of Helen Levina. Her strained relationship with her mother, Ella Hromaya caused mayhem under their roof. But when Ella threatened to move out, the true animosity came out.

THE CASE THAT HAUNTS ME - all-new episode at 6pm/5pm CT | Episodes continue Saturdays at 10/9c
Episode Title: The Orion Project
The small town of Chatham, Ontario is stunned to find two generations of a family are brutally killed by a multi-murderer. Detective Peter Baker struggles to find a motive for the senseless slaying until a trail of missing guns leads to a shocking discovery. What terrible secrets are being hidden in Chatham, and who could’ve taken the lives of an elderly couple and their grandson?

WEB OF LIES - all-new episode at 7pm/6pm CT | Episodes continue Tuesday at 9/8c
Episode Title: The Social Media Butterfly
Shortly after getting a distinctive tattoo, 21-year-old Jasmine Nunez moves to New York City to pursue her dreams. There, she meets 26-year-old Andres Ceballos and a whirlwind romance ensues. Within months, they're living together. But their happiness is cut short when Andres accuses Jasmine of cheating with any man who responds to her numerous social media posts. Their arguments get worse and worse until one day, one of them snaps.

AMERICAN MONSTER - all-new episode at 8pm/7pm CT | Episodes continue Sunday at 9/8c
Episode Title: Falling Down
In upscale Agoura Hills, California, George and Alee Jenkins have built a magical life and successful business together. For this idyllic couple, the next step in their relationship is starting a family. Unable to conceive they first adopt baby Joshua, and later baby Megan. But when George’s business goes bust his relationship with a teenage Joshua collapses, leading to a crime that shakes the family. Using police video of the killer, an American Monster’s own words reveal the truth behind one of California’s most terrible murders.

EXTREME MEASURES - all-new episode at 9pm/8pm CT | Episodes continue Monday at 9/8c
Episode Title: Don’t You Be My Neighbor
When a woman becomes entrenched in the investigation to solve her younger sister's murder, she vows to leave no stone unturned. One suspect after another is discovered with the help of the family's tenacity and unrelenting quest for the truth. In the end it takes an intense lobbying effort to the state crime lab, and a piece of information only the family knows, in order to put a killer in prison.

TWISTED SISTERS - all-new episode at 10pm/9pm CT | Episodes continue Mondays at 10/9c
Episode Title: The Demon Inside
Charity seems like the perfect daughter and sister, being a popular cheerleader with good grades and an after-school job at the local pizza parlor. But Charity has a dark secret. Her mother, Vivian, and her sisters Serena and Elizabeth are all serious practitioners of witchcraft. They've become convinced that their perfect middle-child is actually a tormented soul, consumed by a demon. And they decide that the only way to rid Charity of the demon is to force it out - with an exorcism.

SOMEONE YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW - Series Premieres at 11pm/10pm CT | Episodes continue Monday, September 23rd at 9/8c
Episode Title: The Body on Bowden Road
The picturesque small town of Phenix City, Alabama is home to 20-year-old Stephanie Shea Graham, whose parents own a booming construction business within the tight-knit local community. When Shea is found brutally murdered on a desolate road on the outskirts of town, her family is devastated. Detectives begin to gather clues and question all those closest to her, but when the truth is finally revealed, the identity of her killer will prove to be more shocking than ever imagined.

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