Friday, August 23, 2019

VIDEO: Highlights from TNT's Chasing the Cure 08.22.19

VIDEO: Clips from tonight's episode of
TNT's Chasing the Cure 
On this week’s episode of Chasing the Cure, we help a pesticide technician from Alabama who - in addition to experiencing chronic pain - must eat over 6,000 calories every day just to maintain his weight and a cancer survivor who suffers extreme tooth decay due to her radiation treatments. 
Sean Has to Eat Over 6,000 Calories a Day
Sean is a pesticide technician from Alabama who suddenly began suffering from severe weight loss and chronic pain.  He now must eat over 6,000 calories every day just to maintain his weight. 
NBA Legend Charles Barkley Has a Special Message for Sean

Fellow Leeds, Alabama native and NBA star Charles Barkley surprises Sean with words of encouragement as Chasing the Cure continues to search for answers behind his drastic weight loss and pain. 
Cancer Survivor Faces Severe Tooth Decay
At 12 years old, Quendella was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer, a rare head and neck cancer. After one year of chemotherapy, she was cancer-free. At the age of 22, her teeth began to decay and fall out due to her cancer treatment as a child. She has visited almost every dentist in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia, looking for answers, but she hasn’t been able to find a dentist to help her. Not only has her smile affected her confidence, but she also deals with constant infections and pain. 
Quendella Receives an Offer for Life-Altering Dental Care
Dr. Goldstein and his team set a treatment plan to improve her oral issues and bring back her smile.
Next Week on Chasing the Cure 
We help Mallory who struggles with painful lesions and ulcers all over her body.
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