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Teen Wolf - Long-Awaited, Long-Anticipated: 'The Complete Animated Series' on DVD!

Teen Wolf - Long-Awaited, Long-Anticipated: 'The Complete Animated Series' on DVD!

All 21 episodes of the cartoon series spun off from the Michael J. Fox film

Posted by David Lambert
    The Howard Family Has Always Been VERY Different! Like all teens growing up, Scott Howard is going through some changes. Only, compared to the other kids in Wolverton, Scott's changes are a little odd: long hair, sharp nails and...fangs! Scott is a werewolf!

    As if Scott didn't worry about being accepted by his schoolmates enough! But as hairy as things can get for a budding werewolf, Scott's friends and the other members of the Howard family - Scott's father, Harold; little sister, Lupe; Grandpa and Grandma - will be there to help him through it. Includes All 21 Episodes!
After the original 1985 theatrical film starring Michael J. Fox, and before the 1987 sequel film starring Jason Bateman (and looong before the 2011 MTV series starring Tyler Posey!), Townsend Coleman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Tick) starred as the voice of "Scott Howard" in the 1986 cartoon spin-off of Teen Wolf. Other voice cast included James Hampton (F Troop, The Doris Day Show), June Foray (Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends, Looney Tunes), Stacy Keach Sr. (Get Smart) and Don Most (Happy Days, Dungeons & Dragons).

Fans have long been aching for this series to come to DVD, and Shout! Factory is obliging them at last! Teen Wolf - The Complete Animated Series will be available in stores on September 5th. The 3-disc set with both seasons of the show includes closed captioning on all 21 episodes. Price is $19.97 SRP, and you can pre-order it right away from Shout!'s own online studio store. Here's a button link for that, followed by the package art:
Order this title directly from Shout! Factory Teen Wolf - The Complete Animated Series

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