Monday, November 13, 2017

Long Lost Family, Long Island Medium, & The Healer 11/13 on TLC

Sneak Peek at LONG LOST FAMILY – tonight at 8/7c
A man who always longed for a sibling, stumbles upon a shocking family murder. Chris Jacobs presents clues to new revelations. Lisa Joyner meets a woman eager to find her biological mother, but she also finds information that changes her view of the past.

Sneak Peek at LONG ISLAND MEDIUM – tonight at 9/8c
Theresa turns 50 and enters a weightlifting competition. A woman who claims her brother was murdered by NFL player Aaron Hernandez visits Long Island. Theresa confides in a friend that she and Larry are going through a rough patch.

Sneak Peek at THE HEALER – tonight at 10/9c
Charlie meets with two-year old Gibson, who suffers from pain resulting from two different conditions: congenital adrenal hyperplasia & a growth hormone deficiency. Gibson’s parents hope Charlie can help their son so that he can live like a normal kid. Then, Charlie meets with cameraman Michael whose injuries result from a nearly fatal car crash. Finally, Charlie meets with reality star Kyle Richards who struggles with intense neck and shoulder pain resulting from fibromyalgia.

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