Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pickle and Peanut: Lead Sheet

Pickle and Peanut: Lead Sheet
"Pickle and Peanut" is an animated buddy-comedy series that follows the offbeat adventures of small-town teens Pickle and Peanut as they embark upon their last year of high school. Determined to cram in as much fun as possible before taking on adulthood responsibilities, the two underdogs dream up plans to be anything but ordinary in their slightly bizarre fictional suburb near Reno, Nevada. The series employs an inventive mix of 2-D animation and live-action clips that highlights the absurd humor and quirky nature of the series.

The emotional Pickle is the heart of the duo while freewheeling Peanut is the brains of the team. Usually simple, easy-going and kind, Pickle has the capacity to fly off the handle and unintentionally complicate plans, making him a bit unpredictable at times. On the other hand, Peanut’s unmerited confidence, optimism and drive to succeed can sometimes lead to his downfall. Although opposite in many ways, the duo’s loyalty to each other is unfaltering in their efforts to achieve their goal of finding adventure and fun even when presented with the most mundane of tasks.

Pickle and Peanut work part-time after school at their favorite hangout, the local supermarket Mjart Mart under the supervision of store owner Mr. Mjart, who is blissfully ignorant to the teenage boys’ shenanigans. While on the clock, the two friends can often be found plotting their next great adventure in The TP Fort, a secret toilet-paper fort they’ve built inside the market.

Along for the ride on Pickle and Peanut’s unusual adventures are the eccentric members of their town: problem-solving friend Champion Horse, sometime friend Lazer, annoying friend McSweats, rival kid Wayne, Mjart Mart coworker Spedacular Donkey, troublemaker Sneaky Patty and the fake nine-year-old doctor Dr. Pamplemousse, MD.

"Pickle and Peanut" stars Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite") as Pickle and Johnny Pemberton ("22 Jump Street") as Peanut. Recurring in the series are Matt Chapman ("Homestar Runner," "Two More Eggs") as Mr. Mjart, H. Michael Croner ("Review") as Lazer, Dana Snyder ("Fish Hooks") as McSweats, Abbi Jacobson ("Broad City") as Sneaky Patty and Bennie Arthur ("Drunk History") as Spedacular Donkey.       

The series was created by Noah Z. Jones ("Fish Hooks") and developed by Joel Trussell ("Yo Gabba Gabba!"). Both Jones and Trussell serve as executive producers, wrote and sing the series theme song, and provide voices for Champion Horse and Mr. Whispers, respectively. Scott Sonneborn ("Beavis and Butt-Head") is the story editor. "Pickle and Peanut" is a production of Disney Television Animation and carries a TV-Y7 parental guideline.

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