Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Kids in the Hall - 'The Complete Collection' Returns to DVD, with 'Death Comes To Town' Included!

The Kids in the Hall - 'The Complete Collection' Returns to DVD, with 'Death Comes To Town' Included!

In February, get all five seasons, plus the reunion mini-series...all for under $70!

Posted by David Lambert
    The Canadian-bred comic geniuses stretched sketch comedy to its ultimate limits with hilariously off-the-wall results with critical and fan acclaim. From the infamous Chicken Lady and Cabbage Head to Buddy Cole and the Headcrusher, the pioneering, edgy and ever-charming comedians created the most unhinged, unprecedented and unpredictable acclaimed cult series.

    No subject is too sacred; no corner of the human experience is too strange or too scary to hide from the harsh but blisteringly funny comments The Kids have to make on them. Notable Cast/Crew: Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson.

    This complete collection will include all 100+ episodes from the show's five-season run in addition to the reunion series Death Comes to Town with a host of bonus features including interview, commentaries, archival footage, slideshows and more!
Between 2004 and 2006, A&E Home Video released the five seasons of the show individually, and finished with a complete series megaset of the show. Then, in 2011, they revisited it with the Death Comes to Town mini-series. Those items have gone out of print, however, and as such it can be quite pricey for fans to acquire the entire program.

Now, with word being reported that Lorne Michaels wants to bring the show back, our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment are going back to the 1989 comedy program and bringing out their release of Kids In The Hall - The Complete Collection.

Scheduled for release on February 6th, the 14-disc set will include uncensored episodes, plus the 2010 mini-series The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town. Digital copies of the episodes are also included as a bonus, via MCE's proprietary digital streaming service, "Watch Mill Creek." You'll additionally get these special features:
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Compilation Episodes
  • Archival Footage
  • Full Sketch Listings
  • Cast Bios
Price for all of this is just $69.98 SRP! More details are expected to come in the following week or so, when Mill Creek Entertainment sends over their official press release about Kids In The Hall - The Complete Collection. In the meantime, below is the package art, along with an pre-order button link.

Fans may also be interested to know that Kids in the Hall is one of the final four shows in the "Canada's Most Memorable (English) TV Thing" over on Canadian journalist Justin McElroy's blog. It's currently pitted against Degrassi, and the winner of that bracket will face the winner of Mr. Dressup vs Heritage Minutes in the final. You can vote for the shows here, if you like!
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