Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Three's Company - 'The Complete Series: Come And Knock On Our Door Collection' DVD Re-Release

Three's Company - 'The Complete Series: Come And Knock On Our Door Collection' DVD Re-Release

Lionsgate is bringing it back out this coming mid-February

Posted by David Lambert
    THREE'S COMPANY was a groundbreaking comedy series that tripped and jiggled through a world of slapstick pratfalls and some of the most scandalously titillating comedy America had ever seen, and hasn't seen since. Racy and daring for its time, this breakthrough bedroom farce ran for 8 seasons on ABC. Thirty years after it came to an end, it remains one of the best-loved TV series of all time.

    This complete series set is a celebration of the exploits of Jack, Janet, Chrissy, Larry, Terri, The Ropers, and Mr. Furley, and offers fans a chance to relive every episode and continue to laugh for years to come. Stars John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt, Jeilee Harrison, Priscilla Barnes, Richard Kline, Norman Fell, Audra Lindley, and Don Knotts.

    29 disc set includes all 174 episodes from 8 seasons of the beloved TV series. Loaded with special features, including 2 bonus never-before-aired episodes. The groundbreaking comedy series that defined a generation in a new slim "Come and Knock on Our Door Collection" for a great low price.
Originally released on DVD in 2014 by Anchor Bay for $134.98 SRP (originally as an Amazon-exclusive item, then later sold "wide" at general retail), the folks at Lionsgate have told retailers that they are bring back to DVD the gift set of Three's Company - The Complete Series: Come And Knock On Our Door Collection. All 8 seasons, plus the original two unaired pilots, are returning on DVD this coming February 13th. Just in time to celebrate the tail end of the first season's thirtieth anniversary, too!

The count of 29 discs is the same as before, but the price is lower: $70.98 SRP this time. Note that the previous set didn't contain the spins-off (The Ropers and Three's A Crowd), and we don't expect this one to have it, fact, we have no idea if any company has any plans to ever release those (though we hope someone eventually does!). Lionsgate's description of the re-release, quoted above, calls it "new slim" we assume that their re-release will be in thinner packaging. We don't have a picture of the box art yet, however, so stay tuned for that!

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