Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Doctor Who - An Update For You About The 'Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season' Blu-rays

Doctor Who - An Update For You About The 'Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season' Blu-rays is now showing an early October release date, and a price!

Posted by David Lambert
In mid-January we reported that an entry had briefly gone up at Best Buy's website for an item listed as "Doctor Who - Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season" on Blu-ray Disc. The item showed a March date, but the entry was swiftly removed from the site. It went back up later, then was quickly removed again, then went back up with a new date later in the year, then was removed once again. As of this writing, we cannot locate any listing at Best Buy's site with a title that matches this item.

Soon after our write-up, though, similar listings went up at other online retailers. Most were online-only sites, but a couple also went with brick-and-mortar stores (such as Barnes & Noble). Different dates were given at some sites, but most of them matched the later-in-the-year date Best Buy briefly gave. It's the same date we'll provide in this story, in just a moment. Importantly, however, many listings (including the BN one) were quickly removed. Mysterious!

As of this writing, there is still no official word from BBC Home Entertainment or their North American distributor, Warner Home Video, about a release in the USA or Canada for a Blu-ray Disc release with episodes from Tom Baker's run as the 4th Doctor. The internet has begun buzzing about a summer release of such an item in the United Kingdom, but we only cover releases that happen on this continent, not over there. Dates, contents, and art can (and often are) different. For a long while, the BBC ensured that UK and USA/Canada releases of Doctor Who home videos were the same in both regions. That hasn't been the case for a while, however. So we won't be discussing the UK's item on Blu-ray, apparently titled "Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 12."

ON THE OTHER HAND, we were excited this morning to see that, the USA website for the big e-tailer, has added a new listing overnight for something with a displayed title of "Doctor Who:Tom Baker Complete First S"...on Blu-ray Disc. They ARE accepting pre-orders there, and they provide a list price of $69.99 SRP (ten dollars more than Best Buy had originally listed back in December). They list Warner Home Video as the studio, and give the same later-in-the-year release date that many online retailers had shown at one point or another: October 2nd.

Amazon's listing has no other information about this item, nor does it provide any box art. There's no listing for this at Amazon's Canadian site, either. We've spent most of today trying to get further information about this from our industry sources, and frankly we've come up empty. We'll keep our eyes and ears open, however, for new information about the USA and Canada release of this Blu-ray set. Stay tuned, of course, and we'll update you as further info becomes available!

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