Thursday, May 3, 2018

Discovery's NAKED AND AFRAID XL ALL-STARS - premieres Sunday, May 6

Premieres Sunday, May 6 at 10pm ET/PT

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

After three seasons and three treacherous locations, thirteen Naked and Afraid veterans take on the most harrowing survival challenge yet in an all-new season of Discovery’s NAKED AND AFRAID XL ALL-STARS. For 40 days and 40 nights, survivalists put their lives on the line in Africa’s deadly Selati River Basin, a region devastated by drought and teeming with starving predators. For some, the challenge offers potential redemption – three Naked and Afraid veterans unable to complete the challenge in the past will attempt another 40 days in hell. Elsewhere in the African Bush, former survivalist Matt Wright sets off on his own impossible quest for redemption. But in this survival challenge that is biblical in scale, can any of the survivalists make it to the end?

Thirteen of the most dynamic all-star survivalists – all who have conquered 21-day Naked and Afraid trial – have gathered to take on the most difficult challenge yet. The women include Kaila Cummings (Colombia), Sarah Danser (Exuma Cays), Lindsey Leitelt (Namibia), Melanie Rauscher (Louisiana), and Melissa Miller (the Amazon). The men include Duck Campbell (Belize), Gary Golding (Brazil), Jeremy McCaa (Louisiana), and Trent Nielsen (Belize). Those who are attempting redemption in their second Naked and Afraid XL challenge include Clarence Gilmer (Honduras and South Africa), Lacey Jones (Belize and Ecuador), Shane Lewis (Costa Rica and Colombia) and Matt Wright (Thailand and Ecuador).

Matt Wright Intro | Naked and Afraid XL: Savage


After being forced to medically tap out on the last season of Naked and Afraid XL, veteran survivalist and thirteenth cast member Matt Wright will begin the challenge completely alone and attempt to track the others to complete all 40 days. Viewers will have the opportunity to follow every step of Matt’s journey in the digital series Naked and Afraid: Savage, which will premiere exclusively on the Discovery GO app on Sundays during the upcoming season.

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