Monday, June 4, 2018

CLIP INCLUDED: Michelle Wolf Comes up with New Hashtags for the #MeToo Movement on "The Break with Michelle Wolf" on Netflix

Michelle Wolf comes up with new hashtags for the #MeToo movement in the second episode of “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” streaming every Sunday with new episodes on Netflix.

“Well Roseanne’s show may be gone, but you know what’s still around…creepy dudes making the world harder for women!”


Trailer HERE 

About The Break with Michelle Wolf:
·  The Break with Michelle Wolf, the weekly half hour variety/sketch series, streaming every Sunday with new episodes on Netflix.
·  With four years of working on shows including, The Daily Show and Late Night w/ Seth Meyers, it's now Michelle's turn to host and her new weekly show will take a break from the seriousness of today's late night comedy. 

Please visit the official show social pages:

Twitter: @thebreaknetflix

Instagram: @thebreaknetflix


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