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Upcoming DVD Releases - December 2018

* The Handmaid's Tale - Season 2 (MGM/Fox)
$29.98 SRP DVD; $39.98 SRP Blu-ray
Handmaid's Tale: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
EXTRAS: "Season Two: Off Book" Featurette; "Dressing Dystopia" Featurette
-----The Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning drama series returns with a second season shaped by Offred's (Elisabeth Moss) pregnancy and her ongoing fight to free her future child from the dystopian horrors of Gilead. "Gilead is within you" is a favorite saying of Aunt Lydia. In Season Two, Offred and all our characters will fight against - or succumb to - this dark truth. Standout performances were given by returning cast members including Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Alexis Bledel, Madeline Brewer, Ann Dowd, O-T Fagbenle, Max Minghella, Samira Wiley and Amanda Brugel. Moss, Wiley, Bledel and Dowd have all won Emmy Awards for their performances in the series. Season Two of the series garnered three Emmy Awards. This season also included notable guest appearances from Emmy Award winners Cherry Jones (Fox's "24", Signs, The Perfect Storm) and Bradley Whitford (NBC's "The West Wing",Get Out), as well as Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny, The Wrestler).
* Castlevania - Season 1 (Viz/Warner)
$19.98 SRP DVD; $24.98 SRP Blu-ray

-----A vampire hunter, the last surviving member of a disgraced clan, fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly beasts controlled by Dracula himself. Inspired by the classic video games.
COMING ON 12/11:
* The Shield - The Complete Series (Mill Creek)
$229.98 SRP Blu-ray
The Shield - The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
EXTRAS: INCLUDES ALL-NEW SPECIAL FEATURES AVAILABLE ONLY IN THIS BLU-RAY SET: 2018 Cast Reunion with Creator Shawn Ryan;l Writers Panel from the ATX Festival featuring Shawn Ryan, Kurt Sutter, Glen Mazzara, Scott Rosenbaum and Charles Eglee; "Beyond The Badge" Retrospective. Also featuring bonus features from previous releases including: Over 10 Hours of Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes; Cast & Crew Commentary on Select Episodes; Deleted Scenes.
-----All 7 Seasons, 88 Episodes of the groundbreaking, Emmy-winning series! Controversial, compelling and critically acclaimed, THE SHIELD, reinvented the police genre and gave us one of the greatest antiheros in television history. Vic Mackey, a corrupt cop, runs his elite Strike Team under his own set of rules, brining conflict to the streets of Lost Angeles and within his precinct. Experience "one of the best police dramas" (Gillian Flynn, Entertainment Weekly), newly remastered in 4K and now available for the first time on Blu-ray!
NOTE: this title was previously announced for release on November 6th, but has been delayed until December 11th.
* The Bold Type - Season 2 (Universal)
$29.98 SRP DVD
The Bold Type: Season Two
-----The Bold Type "gets even bolder" (Vanity Fair) in Season 2, as the women of Scarlet magazine push the boundaries in both their personal and professional lives. With unapologetic passion, they stand up for each other, and speak up for what they believe in most. With equal parts sass and style, these women continue to explore sexuality, identity, equality, love and fashion.
* The Last Kingdom - Season 3 (Universal)
$39.98 SRP DVD; $44.98 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: Featurette: "The Battles of The Last Kingdom Season Three"
-----Time is running out for King Alfred (David Dawson) to unite the kingdoms. With his health failing and the line of succession uncertain, Alfred looks to our hero Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) to ensure his young son Edward (Timothy Innes) becomes the next king. Meanwhile, dark forces are moving outside the court and when a powerful Danish warlord Bloodhair (Ola Rapace) attacks, Uhtred must lead Wessex's forces into battle. Uhtred captures Bloodhair's mysterious lover, the savage sorceress Skade (Thea Sofie Loch Næss), who throws a curse and his world becomes blighted by tragedy. In this dangerous time of treachery and chaos, Uhtred is caught between enemies both Dane and Saxon and confronts a difficult choice - if he deserts Alfred's cause, the future of the English people will be changed forever.
COMING ON 12/18:
* The Sinner - Season 2 (Universal)
$29.98 SRP DVD
The Sinner: Season Two
-----Following the murder of a couple by their 11-year old son, Detective Harry Ambrose returns to his hometown in rural New York to assess the unsettling and heart wrenching crime. As Ambrose realizes there's nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from, the investigation pulls him into the hidden darkness of his hometown. He finds himself pitted against those who'll stop at nothing to protect its secrets - and the mysterious Vera who proves to be a complicated, enigmatic piece to this haunting puzzle.

* Family Guy - Season 16 (Fox)
Family Guy: Season 16 (DVD)
-----Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis
* Top of the Lake - China Girl (BBC)
$24.98 SRP DVD
Top Of The Lake: China Girl
EXTRAS: 14 mins bonus content
-----Five years after the shocking events that rocked her hometown in New Zealand, Detective Robin Griffin has returned to Sydney and is trying to rebuild her life. When the unidentified body of an Asian girl washes up on Bondi Beach, there appears little hope of finding the killer, until Robin realizes 'China Girl' didn't die alone. Meanwhile, haunted by disturbing dreams of the baby girl she gave up years ago, Robin reaches out to the family of her now teenage daughter. Like her birth mother, Mary is passionate and stubborn. And she's deep in the throes of a romantic attachment to a dangerously charismatic older man. The case will take her into the city's criminal underbelly, and closer than she could have imagined to the secrets of her own heart.
NOTE: the information provided by the studio shows a December 4th release date, but Amazon shows that they will receive stock of this title on December 11th instead.
COMING ON 12/11:
* Nathan For You - The Complete Series (Comedy Central/Paramount)
$39.98 SRP DVD
Nathan For You: The Complete Series
EXTRAS: Tons of special features content with never before seen featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, plus audio commentaries and more!
-----Experience all four seasons of Nathan Fielder's entrepreneurial genius, as he provides real small businesses with strategies no traditional consultant would dare attempt. From the infamous gas rebate excursion to the grand opening of Dumb Starbucks to the epic feature-length series finale, 'Finding Frances.' This 9-disc set also includes never before seen footage, deleted scenes, and brand new audio commentary from The Movement's Jack Garbarino. Even if you don't own a DVD player, it's still a nice box!

* Yellowstone - Season 1 (Paramount)
$29.98 SRP DVD; $39.99 SRP Blu-ray
Yellowstone - Season One [Blu-ray]
EXTRAS: Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes; An All-New Exclusive Interview with Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan
-----From the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water and Sicario) and starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner, Yellowstone revolves around the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (Costner) who controls the largest ranch in the U.S. that is under constant attack by those it borders: land developers, an Indian reservation and America's first National Park. This is a world where land grabs make developers billions, and politicians are bought and sold by the world's largest oil and lumber corporations. It is the best and worst of America seen through the eyes of a family that represents both. The impressive cast also includes Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham, Brecken Merrill, Jefferson White, and many more.
COMING ON 12/11:
* The Orville - The Complete 1st Season (Fox)
$29.95 SRP DVD
The Orville: Season 1
-----From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY, "Ted," "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey"), THE ORVILLE is a live-action, one-hour space adventure series set 400 years in the future that follows The Orville, a mid-level exploratory spaceship. Its crew, both human and alien, face the wonders and dangers of outer space, while also dealing with the familiar, often humorous problems of everyday life. The ensemble series stars MacFarlane as the ship's Commanding Officer, Ed Mercer, and Adrianne Palicki ("Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Friday Night Lights") as his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson, who's assigned as his First Officer. Additional cast members include Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr. Claire Finn ("24," "The Larry Sanders Show"), Scott Grimes as Gordon Malloy ("ER," "Justified"), Peter Macon as Bortus ("Shameless," "Bosch"), Halston Sage as Alara Kitan ("Neighbors," "Goosebumps"), J. Lee as John LaMarr (FAMILY GUY, "The Cleveland Show"), Mark Jackson as Isaac ("That Royal Today") and Chad L. Coleman as Klyden ("The Walking Dead," "The Wire"). The Orville has been renewed for a second season.
* Instinct - Season 1 (CBS/Paramount)

-----TRUST YOUR INSTINCT! Alan Cumming stars as Dr. Dylan Reinhart, a former CIA operative who is lured back to his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer. He is a gifted author and university professor living a quiet life teaching psychopathic behavior to packed classes of adoring students. But when tenacious top NYPD detective Lizzie Needham appeals to him to help her catch a serial murderer who is using Dylan's first book as a tutorial, Dylan is compelled by the case and comes out of retirement. Though Dylan and Lizzie initially clash, when it comes to catching killers, they realize they will make an ideal team if they both trust their instincts.

COMING ON 12/11:
* The High Chaparral - Season 2 (Shout! Factory)
$29.99 SRP DVD
The High Chaparral: Season Two
-----Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Mark Slade, Henry Darrow, and Linda Cristal star in The High Chaparral, the Primetime Emmy-nominated drama from David Dortort, the producer of Bonanza. Deep in the Arizona Territory lies the High Chaparral Ranch, run by "Big John" Cannon (Erickson) along with his brother Buck (Mitchell) and son Billy Blue (Slade). After a tragic attack leaves him a widower, "Big John" enters into a marriage with Victoria (Cristal), the daughter of a powerful neighboring rancher. Along with Victoria's brother Manolito (Darrow), the Cannons must manage the ranch, their new family dynamic, and the perils of the West. The High Chaparral: Season Two guest stars include Ricardo Montalban, Jack Elam, Robert Loggia, Yaphet Kotto and Denny Miller. Enjoy every thrilling episode from the hit series' 1968-69 season. INCLUDES ALL 26 EPISODES!
COMING ON 12/18:
* Super Sentai Gaoranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)
$59.97 SRP DVD
Power Rangers: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger: The Complete Series
-----Before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, There Was Super Sentai! See where the worldwide phenomenon began with the original Japanese series that inspired Power Rangers Wild Force! Long ago, a great, destructive war between humans the Orgs was ended; the people of Earth were believed to be the victors. But now, 1,000 years later, the Orgs have returned. And five new warriors have been selected by the Power Animals to claim the responsibility of protecting humanity once again, by becoming Gaorangers! Includes All 51 Episodes!
NOTE: Japanese soundtrack with English subtitles

* Doctor Who - Peter Davison: Complete Season 1 (BBC)
$69.99 SRP Blu-ray
Doctor Who: Peter Davison Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
EXTRAS: To Be Finalized (but will include both old and new bonus material; expected to mirror the UK release's extras, which were noted in the "Season 19 Safety Video with Tegan Jovanka" video by the BBC, seen here: )
-----Peter Davison s first series as the Fifth Doctor in a limited edition Eight-disc box set. Features all 26 episodes remastered. Brand new special features include: Five new Making-Of documentaries for Castrovalva, Four To Doomsday, Black Orchid, Earthshock and Time-Flight; surround sound mixes for Kinda and Earthshock; an Extended Version of Black Orchid Part One; Rare studio footage from Castrovalva, Four To Doomsday, Earthshock and Time-Flight; updated special effects for Castrovalva; seven more editions of Behind The Sofa; a newly-shot one-hour interview Peter Davison In Conversation with Matthew Sweet and much more.

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