Wednesday, January 9, 2019

UPDATED TITLE: ABC News Presents the Two-Hour Documentary ‘Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill,’ Thursday, Jan. 10

UPDATED TITLE: ABC News Presents the Two-Hour Documentary ‘Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill,’ Thursday, Jan. 10



The Special Marking the 20th Anniversary of President
Clinton’s Impeachment Includes New Interviews With Kenneth Starr and
Lucianne Goldberg, and the Calls That Monica’s Confidante, Linda Tripp,
Secretly Recorded

‘Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill’ Airs Thursday, Jan. 10 (9:00 – 11:00
p.m. EST), on ABC
How did late-night phone calls between two friends explode into one of the
biggest political scandals in American history? “Truth and Lies: Monica and
Bill,” a new two-hour documentary from ABC News, takes an up-close look at
hours of surreptitiously recorded conversations between White House intern
Monica Lewinsky and her confidante, Linda Tripp; how the saga that ensued
took an emotional toll on the desperate, young intern; and the lengths her
colleague would go to uncover an American president’s deception. The
special marking the 20th anniversary of President Clinton’s
impeachment features new interviews with Kenneth Starr, independent counsel
during the Clinton presidency, and Lucianne Goldberg, a literary agent who
advised Tripp to make the tapes. The documentary also includes excerpts
from Barbara Walters’ extraordinary interview with Monica Lewinsky –
watched by a record-breaking 48 million people when it aired in 1999 – and
rarely seen or heard evidence assembled by the special counsel, including
photos, surveillance material and audio recordings. “Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill” airs Thursday, Jan. 10 (9:00–11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC
Television Network.
In 1993, Bill Clinton arrived in Washington as an outsider from Arkansas to
govern a divided nation. A charismatic and energetic leader, he had emerged
victorious from a presidential campaign fraught with allegations of marital
infidelity and controversial details from his personal life. While
democratic voters had embraced the idea of a new kind of president – a
“comeback kid” who was the product of the ‘60s – conservative opponents
never took their eye off Bill Clinton’s perceived weaknesses. Plagued by
investigations and allegations, Clinton’s first years in office were marred
by Whitewater, the White House travel office controversy, the White House
FBI files controversy and Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit. Then in
the summer of 1995, Monica Lewinsky began an internship at the White House,
setting in motion the events that would lead to only the second impeachment
of a U.S. president in American history.
“Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill” is the eighth documentary in the No.
1-rated “Truth and Lies” series that premiered in 2017. The previous
installments featured the Menendez brothers, Charles Manson, Watergate,
Laci Peterson, Waco, Tonya Harding and Jonestown.
The special is produced by ABC News. David Sloan is senior executive
producer. Muriel Pearson is executive producer. 

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