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Freeform Releases Its New Lineup of TV Offerings for February 2019

Freeform Releases Its New Lineup of TV Offerings for February 2019

“Good Trouble” Season 1
Feb. 5 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #1005—“Parental Guidance Suggested”
Callie and Mariana’s moms visit their new digs, but even with all the
Coterie residents on their best behavior things get out of hand. Meanwhile,
Dennis reveals a shocking truth about his past.
Special Guest Star: Teri Polo and Sherri Saum
Feb. 12 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #1006—“Imposter”
Callie plans to disclose her connection to Malika to Judge Wilson before
Ben has the opportunity to undermine her and, in the process, learns she
might not be the only one with a conflict of interest on her team.
Meanwhile, Gael consults Callie for legal help for his sister Jazmin.
Feb. 19 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #1007—“Swipe Right”
Mariana, Davia, Malika and Alice set up dates for each other using a
popular dating app, to varying degrees of success. Meanwhile, Callie makes
a big decision regarding her relationship with Gael.
Feb. 26 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #1008—“Byte Club”
Mariana forms a women-in-tech “fight club” with other women in her office
to deal with sexism in their workplace. Meanwhile, despite bonding over
past traumas, Callie & Rebecca don’t see eye-to-eye on how to address a
potential workplace harassment situation for a colleague.
Special Guest Star: Noah Centineo

“grown-ish” Season 2
Feb. 6 (8:00–8:31 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2007—“Messy”
When a new “Enthusiastic Sober Consent” policy is introduced on the CalU
campus, everyone has strong opinions about whether it’s in place for the
students’ benefit or to protect the school. Cash is caught in the crossfire
and Luca is surprised when Zoey jumps to his defense.
Feb. 13 (8:00–8:31 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2008—“Workin’ Me”
Zoey decides to give styling a try and offers to help the twins revamp
their image in the hope of boosting their social media following. Knowing
that sex sells, Jazz wants to play up her sexuality more than the other
girls are comfortable with, sparking a conversation about image and
empowerment. Meanwhile, Ana’s new romance heats up.
Feb. 20 (8:00–8:31 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2009—“Body Count”
When Zoey sees that Luca’s exhibit at the CalU Arts Fair dominantly
features one of his ex-girlfriends, it sends her into a spiral of wanting
to know more about his past. Nomi takes Professor Hewson’s advice and tries
to learn more about the queer community on campus.
Feb. 27 (8:00–8:31 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2010—“Wild’n Cuz I’m Young
Zoey takes a work hard, play harder approach when her midterm falls the
morning after the semester’s biggest rager and is forced to deal with the
consequences. Meanwhile, both Ana and Nomi find themselves facing big
decisions in their new romances.
“Siren” Season 2
Feb. 7 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2003—“Natural Order”
Ryn fights to maintain leadership of the pack when the other mermaids
question her loyalties. Ben interferes in a mermaid ritual causing friction
between himself and Ryn, meanwhile, Helen discovers more about her family
Feb. 14 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2004—“Oil & Water”
Ryn decides they need to find another solution for housing the mermaids, as
hiding them becomes increasingly difficult. Ben becomes a mentor to Levi as
he tries to learn how men behave on land, while Maddie continues to
struggle with her mother’s renewed presence in her life.
Feb. 21 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2005—“Primal Instincts”
Ryn continues to try to teach the other mermaids to be more human in order
to better assimilate, but some are starting to resist her, causing Ryn to
wonder if she herself is becoming too human. Maddie finds herself in a
dangerous situation trying to help her mom. Meanwhile, Ben and Xander
reconcile in order to work together to get the mermaid pack back into the
Feb. 28 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)
—Episode #2006—“Distress Call”
Dale copes with the fallout from Maddie and Ryn’s encounter with the man
from Susan’s past, while Katrina continues to persuade the rest of the
mermaid pack to get on her side—even if that means brute force against both
mermaids and humans.
“Shadowhunters” Season 3B
Feb. 25 (8:00–9:01 P.M. EST)

Episode 3011 – “Lost Souls”
In the emotional midseason premiere, everyone is dealing with the loss of
Clary and are trying to move on best they can. Unbeknownst to them, the
Shadowhunters face a new level of evil that they can’t even imagine with
the arrival of Jonathan Morgenstern.
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