Friday, January 25, 2019

Total Bellas 1/27 on E!

Brie Bella Accidentally Scares Daughter Birdie With a Giant Teddy Bear and Honestly It's Kinda Funny

Birdie is not a fan of this bear!

Brie Bella accidentally terrifies her daughter Birdie Joe Danielson on this Sunday's new episode of Total Bellas. The WWE star wants to surprise her 1-year-old with a giant stuffed teddy bear, but the plans backfires badly when little Birdie lays eyes on the oversized toy and starts crying and screaming in fear.
"Are you scared?" Brie asks innocently as little Birdie cries.

"Briana, it's a giant bear," Brie's hubby Daniel Bryan says. "I thought you'd like it," Brie admits while trying to calm Birdie down. "I'm not going to take you to the bear."

"Hey, Bird, daddy will always protect you," Bryan says before tossing the big bear outside of the house.

"Briana, what were you thinking?" Bryan asks.

"I just thought she loves stuffed animals and that she would have thought that was really cool," Brie explains. LOL!

See Brie accidentally spook Birdie in the funny clip above!

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Single Nikki Bella Claims Buying a Ferrari Is "Healing"—But Brie Thinks It's More Like "a Mid-Life Crisis"

Is Nikki Bella having a "mid-life crisis"?

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas, Brie Bella expresses concern after her sister rolls up in a flashy Ferrari.

"Ummm, you can't buy this!" the mother of one notes to her twin. "I can't even believe this right now. Dude, are you okay?"

Despite Brie's disapproval, Nikki defends that the vehicle is actually very safe. However, it isn't a safety concern that is causing Daniel Bryan's wife's anxiety.

Per Birdie Danielson's mom, Nikki has been "spending a lot of money lately." While Nikki claims she's only "test driving" the vehicle, Brie doesn't appear convinced.

"You don't get embarrassed rolling around in a Ferrari?" Brie further relays. "It just seems like guys go out and buy fancy cars when they go through a big breakup or, like, they get a hot young girlfriend or they do something crazy. I feel like you're acting like a man!"

Yet, Nikki doesn't take offense to this notion as she's eager to "puff on cigars, play 18 holes of golf and have some 25-year-old meet me for dinner."

"I think my sister might be having a mid-life crisis," Brie comments later on.

Regardless, the WWE star makes it perfectly clear that she's doing just fine in her newly minted single life.

"It's called healing," Nikki concludes. "I'm doing my own version of therapy."
Watch Nikki's Ferrari fun play out in the clip above!

Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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