Sunday, January 20, 2019

Upcoming TV Series

Upcoming Shows...mostly fiction!


"The Other Two" Comedy Central January 24
"Four More Shots Please!" Amazon January 25
"Black Earth Rising" Netflix January 25
"Kingdom" Netflix January 25
"Sydney to the Max" Disney January 25
"Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty" Nickelodeon January 27 (NEW)
"I Am the Night" TNT January 28


"Care Bears: Unlock the Magic" (animated) Boomerang February 1 (NEW)
"Russian Doll" Netflix February 1
"Siempre Bruja" Netflix February 1
"The ABC Murders" Amazon February 1 (NEW)
"Tropical Cop Tales" Adult Swim/Cartoon Network February 2 (NEW)
"American Soul" BET February 2
"The World's Best" (competition/reality) CBS February 3 (NEW)
"PEN15" HULU February 8
"White Dragon" Amazon February 8 (NEW)
"Miracle Workers" TBS February 12
"Boomerange" BET February 12 (NEW)
"Weird City" YouTube February 13 (NEW)
"Umbrella Academy" Netflix February 15
"Fast Layne" Disney February 15 (NEW)
"Proven Innocent" FOX February 15
"Bubu and the Little Owls" Discovery Family Channel (animated)  February 1 (NEW)
"Flack" POP February 21
"The Enemy Within" NBC February 25
"Gone" WGN February 27 (NEW)
"Whiskey Cavalier" ABC February 27


"After Life" Netflix March 8 (NEW)
"Now Apocalypse" Starz March 10
"The Village" NBC March 12
"Turn Up Charlie" Netflix March 15 (NEW)
"Shrill" HULU March 15
"The Fix" ABC March 18
"The Act" HULU March 20 (NEW)
"Millionar Dollar Mile" (competition/reality) CBS March 27 (NEW)
"Mrs. Wilson" PBS March 31


"Cannon Busters" Netflix April 1
"Ultraman" Netflix April 1
"In the Dark" The CW April 4 (NEW)
"The Code" CBS April 16 (NEW)
"Bless This Mess" ABC April 16 (NEW)
"Rilakkuma and Kaoru" Netflix April 19
"The Red Line" CBS April 28 (NEW)


"Frankie Drake Mysteries" Ovation June 15 (NEW)
Not scheduled yet
"The Disappearance" WGN

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