Thursday, March 21, 2019

Conan25: The Remotes Launches Monday, March 25

 Conan25: The Remotes Launches Monday, March 25

Phase One of Conan O’Brien’s Late Night Archive Features Digitally Restored Remote Segments from His First 25 Years

LOS ANGELES – March 21, 2019 – To celebrate his 25th year on television, Conan O’Brien is rolling out an archive of his best comedy, celebrity interviews and stand-up comedy acts. The first phase of that collection – Conan25: The Remotes – launches Monday, March 25th in a special section of

While Conan has spent most of the last quarter decade inside his studio, fans and critics alike consider his remote segments field pieces where he wanders out into the world to comprise some of his most memorable moments on television. Conan25: The Remotes features the complete set of Conan’s most popular segments from Late Night with Conan O’Brien and CONAN on TBS. And for the first time, the Late Night clips have been digitally restored from the original broadcast master tapes.

O’Brien added, “Fans are always asking me how they can watch the ‘old stuff,’ now I finally have an answer that is legal.”

The Remotes will feature over 350 field pieces from Late Night and CONAN, and while the bulk will feature Conan himself, they also include fan-favorites like longtime sidekick Andy Richter and off-color hound Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

See a new video featuring Conan introducing Conan25: The Remotes here:

The collection will also include many of Conan’s most popular travel segments, including remotes from his popular travel series Conan Without Borders as well as earlier trips abroad from his Late Night days to Ireland, Finland and Canada.

“Conan25” will continue to add more content in the coming months resulting in a unique hub for all of O’Brien’s quarter century of late-night work.  Phase two of “Conan25” will include a collection of the best comedy sketches, featuring fan-favorites like “In the Year 2000” and “Staring Contests” and a quarter century of characters like Masturbating Bear, Pimpbot 5000 and more.

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