Friday, August 23, 2019

48 Hours 8/24 on CBS


48 Hours Presents: Death after Midnight”
Saturday, August 24
(L-R): Ashley Fallis and her children; Ashley and Tom Fallis
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Ashley Fallis, a married mother of three, was found with a single shot to her head in the bedroom of the Colorado home she shared with her husband, Tom Fallis. She later died at a local hospital. Was it suicide, as her husband maintained, or was it murder, as Ashley’s parents insist? 48 HOURS and Erin Moriarty have the latest in the investigation, the case against Tom Fallis and the emotional outcome in an encore of “Death After Midnight” to be broadcast Saturday, August 24 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
Ashley Fallis died after a New Year’s Eve party. Tom Fallis told police that he had gone into the closet in the couple’s bedroom when he heard a gun cock. He said he looked to Ashley and asked what she was doing. Before he could get the sentence out, the gun fired. He dialed 911. The coroner ruled Ashley’s manner of death as suicide within days, and police closed the investigation. The case remained closed, however, until reporter Justin Joseph got a call from a source in law enforcement suggesting something wasn’t right with the case. What Joseph’s investigation turned up changed everything. The case was reopened, and Tom Fallis was charged with murder. But would it result in the answers Ashley Fallis’ parents long sought?
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