Friday, August 23, 2019

60 Minutes 8/25 on CBS


Editor’s note: These previously broadcast segments have been updated for this summer edition.
RANSOMWARE – It’s an increasingly common and lucrative cybercrime: governments, hospitals and businesses have their data held hostage by crooks seeking a payoff. They’re using a type of malware called ransomware. The FBI tells Scott Pelley the criminals could come for phones next. Henry Schuster is the producer.
INSIDE THE EPIDEMIC – Bill Whitaker continues to investigate the origins of the opioid epidemic with a rare prison interview with a pain clinic doctor sentenced to 157 years for drug trafficking. Ira Rosen and Sam Hornblower are the producers.
TIM GREEN – The former NFL player and best-selling author reveals he is suffering from ALS. Steve Kroft reports. Draggan Mihailovich is the producer.
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