Friday, August 16, 2019

VIDEO: Highlights from TNT's Chasing the Cure 08.15.19

VIDEO: Clips from tonight's episode of
TNT's Chasing the Cure 
On this week’s episode of Chasing the Cure, we help sisters Monique and Torri, who have been suffering with extreme swelling in their arms and legs for 39 years. We also assist mother and daughter Debra and Delaney, who are battling vision loss.
Can These Sisters Find Help for Chronic Pain
and Swelling in Their Limbs?
Monique and Torri had mysterious chronic pain and body swelling since they were children. Chasing the Cure tries to diagnose their debilitating symptoms. 
Sisters Receive Life-Changing Diagnosis to
Relieve Chronic Limb Pain and Swelling

After decades of suffering, Monique and Torri now have hope and a diagnosis of Hereditary angioedema.
Mother and Daughter Baffle Doctors
With Mysterious Eye Condition 
Debra was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 14-years-old. In her 30s, she began to lose her eyesight. Her daughter, Delaney, is also beginning to lose her eyesight and suffers from nerve and joint pain. 
Delaney Receives Critical Diagnosis To Regain her Vision
Chasing the Cure has helped to ease Debra and Delaney's fear of death, almost equally as exciting is a new found chance for Debra to fully regain their eyesight and for both mother and daughter to live full lives.
Next Week on Chasing the Cure 
Brenda has been suffering with severe migraines every day for the past 9 years. Doctors have been unable to find the source of her head trauma. 
Visit to view Monique and Torri's and Debra and Delaney's case files plus additional case files mentioned in tonight's episode. 

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