Thursday, August 24, 2017

What Would You Do? 8/25 on ABC

‘What Would You Do?’ Features Scenarios Involving Sexual Harassment, Religious Intolerance and More, Friday, August 25
August 24, 2017

‘What Would You Do?’ Airs Friday, August 25, on ABC

“What Would You Do?” uses actors to create provocative situations and hidden cameras to capture people’s genuine reactions. Anchor John Quiñones explores the choices people make when faced with these tough and sometimes uncomfortable scenarios.

“What Would You Do?” airs FRIDAY, AUGUST 25 (9:01-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.

Friday, August 25, scenarios include:
  • A Muslim man, who is an American citizen, is trying to get his passport photo taken. The employee at the store says she is not going to help the man, because she would feel uncomfortable if he had the ability to travel in and out of the country. What will the other customers say?
  • A female bartender is being sexually harassed by her boss. Will any of the patrons speak up?
  • In a restaurant, a male soldier in uniform is sitting at a table when a woman at another table begins to flirt. He politely tells her that he is waiting for someone. A few minutes later another male soldier enters, the two men kiss and sit down. The woman expresses her disgust. What will the other diners say to the woman?
  • (OAD 1/26/16) A father/coach is buying ice cream for a group of little leaguers after a hard-fought game – for everyone except one boy, his own son. He tells the boy that his strikeout cost his team the game; therefore, he gets no ice cream. The child is visibly upset, telling his dad that he tried his best. The dad/coach does not want to hear it. Will anyone say something to the father?
  • (OAD 2/9/16) At a coffee shop a customer is being rude to the barista, yelling and berating him in front of his boss. Will anyone come to the barista’s defense when she tries to get him fired?
“What Would You Do?” is executive produced by Danielle Rossen for Lincoln Square Productions.

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