Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - American DVD Plans for 'Super Sentai GoGoFive: The Complete Series'

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - American DVD Plans for 'Super Sentai GoGoFive: The Complete Series'

Amazon shows a late-April release date, but a Shout! Factory DVD producer says that this date may not be finalized yet

Posted by David Lambert
We're still waiting on the release, at the end of this month, of Super Sentai Gingaman: The Complete Series on DVD...the Japanese show that became the USA series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. But now shows how Shout! Factory is already looking beyond that, to the next phase of the Super Sentai series of teams!

Amazon's new pre-order listing yesterday shows that Shout! is tentatively planning on an 8-DVD release this April 24th of Super Sentai GoGoFive: The Complete Series, the Japanese program whose footage was used to create the American show Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Amazon is accepting pre-orders for it now, and shows a list price of $59.97 SRP.

However, Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward was quick to post on Twitter that this date might not be set in stone. His tweet said, "Keep in mind, again, that reserving a spot on Amazon does NOT mean it's an announcement. We've pushed titles in the past. Reserving the spot requires a release date, which are often placeholders."

What Ward is saying is that Shout! is providing Amazon with that date as a placeholder, and that right now it's the best date Shout! has for planning purposes. But that's it's not set in stone just yet, and the date could move back if necessary. Keep in mind that concluding the licensing deal is just the start of things for Shout! Factory: they have to get the source material from the people who have been storing it. Then check it over, going through it all and doing whatever cleaning, restoring or remastering that they might be planning on (if any). THEN they begin the process of actually putting it onto DVD, and prepping packaging and other necessary materials for the title. If any part of that process takes longer than planned on, then the release date would have to get pushed back.

So for now we're penciling in that April 24th street date which Amazon is currently showing...but it may not be finalized, and could be subject to change. Package art and other details haven't been revealed yet, but stay tuned for updates! Our thanks to everybody who emailed us about the item.

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