Friday, January 12, 2018

Superior Donuts - 'Season 1' of the CBS Show Starring Judd Hirsch and Katey Sagal

Superior Donuts - 'Season 1' of the CBS Show Starring Judd Hirsch and Katey Sagal

An MOD set was just released this week on Amazon/CreateSpace

Posted by David Lambert
    Superior Donuts is a comedy about the owner of a small donut shop that's located in a quickly gentrifying Chicago neighborhood. Arthur is a gruff, to-the-point Chicagoan who refuses to sell newfangled cronuts and macchiatos or renovate his dated shop that hasn't changed since it opened in 1969. That all changes when enterprising go-getter Franco fast-talks his way into Arthur's life as his new (and only) employee, and convinces him that he can bring the shop - and Arthur - into the 21st century.

    Arthur's supportive regulars include loyal patron Randy, a cop whose late father was Arthur's best friend; Tush, a colorful customer and proud member of the gig economy who uses the shop counter as a makeshift office; and Sweatpants, Franco's optimistic longtime friend and rent-challenged roommate. Looking to cash in on the urban renewal is Fawz, who owns the dry cleaners next door to Arthur's shop and is also president of the neighborhood business council and an outspoken capitalist.

    With his business already challenged, Arthur faces another competitor when Sofia, an ambitious young entrepreneur, parks her organic food truck in front of the donut shop and becomes a hit with his customers. As obstacles continue to mount, Arthur begins to realize the value in embracing the change around him and that Franco is exactly what he - and the donut shop - need to thrive. Based on the play by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning writer Tracy Letts.
From February to May of this past year (2017), CBS aired the first season (13 episodes) of the show. The second season debuted in October 2017, and is still airing. Two days ago, on January 9th, CBS DVD released a manufacture on demand set for Superior Donuts - Season 1. The 2-disc set is priced at $29.95 SRP, and can be orders using the button link below from Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program. Our thanks to longtime reader (and good friend!) Wesley Mead for letting us know. Here's the cover art:
Order this title from Superior Donuts - Season 1

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