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The Oblongs - 'The Complete Twisted Series' Returns to DVD This Spring!

The Oblongs - 'The Complete Twisted Series' Returns to DVD This Spring!

MOD set from Warner Archive for the show starring the voice of Will Ferrell

Posted by David Lambert
    Okay, we told you they're sick, and we're not talking about a hospital show. The Oblongs…isn't for everyone. Might be peachy for you though.Welcome to the toxic, twisted world of the Oblongs, a perversely funny, satirical animated series inspired by characters in Angus Oblong's book Creepy Susie and a regular denizen of Cartoon Network's [adult swim].

    With laser-sharp wit, maladjusted matriarch Pickles Oblong, her irrepressibly sunny husband Bob and their brood of oddities Biff, Chip, Milo and Beth gleefully cope with their shortcomings while dealing with indignities of being "different" in a "normal" world. The Oblongs are not so much dysfunctional as slightly nonfunctional. Living next to a polluted swamp has left them with the occasional missing limb or mysterious growth, but through it all, this close-knit family sticks together. Sometimes literally.
In 2005, Warner Home Video released The Oblongs - The Complete Twisted Series into stores on DVD. It was first put out in the summer of that year as an exclusive to one seller, and then in the fall it was available everywhere else. Unfortunately, these days it's not available anywhere, as the title went out of print. But now that's going to change on March 13th!

The Warner Archive Collection is re-releasing the title as an MOD (manufacture on demand) DVD set. The 2-disc set starring the voices of Will Ferrell (Saturday Night Live, Eastbound & Down), Jean Smart (Designing Women, Kim Possible), Pamela Adlon (King of the Hill, Californication), Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Futurama), Billy West (Futurama, The Ren & Stimpy Show), and Laraine Newman (Histeria!, Saturday Night Live) will cost $24.99 SRP. As you can see, cover art isn't different:
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