Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lock-Up - Announced Over a Year Ago, the 1959 Series Isn't Coming to DVD After All

Lock-Up - Announced Over a Year Ago, the 1959 Series Isn't Coming to DVD After All

ClassicFlix informs us that the are unable to continue with that project, and why

Posted by David Lambert
Over a year ago, at the end of February 2017, we passed along word that ClassicFlix was planning DVD releases for two older TV shows. One of those, the 1966 show starring Imogene Coca called It's About Time, was successfully released in June 2017. The other, 1959's Lock-Up starring Macdonald Carey (Days Of Our Lives), hasn't been seen yet.

One of our longtime readers checked in with ClassicFlix about that, and passed along their response to us. We directly contacted ClassicFlix ourselves to confirm the info, and they have verified exactly what was forwarded to us: that the source material was no longer in a good enough condition to continue the project. The studio's exact words to us were, "due to deteriorating film elements, ClassicFlix has put Lock-Up on permanent hold, and it is not likely to be released any time soon."

That's unfortunate to hear, but we appreciate the studio being straightforward about it to us and to the show's fans, so we all know what the situation is! Our thanks to them for that, and to longtime reader John Cerone for making us aware of this in the first place. ClassicFlix isn't ready to announce any other classic TV-DVD titles right now, but they are looking into possible projects for the future. We'll pass along word as soon as we know anything concrete, so stay tuned!

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