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-Program Reveals Neanderthals Were Capable of Speech, Abstract Thinking, Technological Innovation and Social Intelligence-
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Arlington, Va. – November 19, 2018 – PBS Distribution announces the release of NEANDERTHALa two-part series that raises new questions about our ancient ancestors and our misperceptions of who they really were. With host Ella Al-Shamahi, a luminary in Neanderthal research, and Hollywood actor Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, Black Panther), “Ned” the Neanderthal is brought back to life in the form of a 3-D computer generated avatar, and we discover that the forerunners to modern man were not knuckle dragging ape-men that were inferior to us. On the contrary, this program reveals they were faster, smarter and better looking than previously perceived.

NEANDERTHAL” is available now for download on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and will be available on DVD beginning December 18, 2018 for a suggested retail price of $24.99. It has a running time of approximately 120 minutes (each part is approximately 60 minutes.)

So what kind of people were our ancient ancestors? It turns out what we thought we knew about them was wrong. In Part One of “NEANDERTHAL,” viewers get a glimpse into the physical appearance of the Neanderthal, and how they survived during the Ice Age. In Andy Serkis’s studio, Ella brings a core group of experts from all over the world who are at the cutting edge of Neanderthal research. They help Andy translate the very latest Neanderthal science into digital design. Ella also gathers evidence by pursuing leads across the globe, meeting leading experts in their labs and at significant sites of Neanderthal discovery, from Iraqi Kurdistan to Gibraltar. Ella’s investigations reveal how Neanderthals were capable of speech, abstract thinking, technological innovation and social intelligence – they were much smarter and much more like us than we ever thought.

During Part Two of the program we delve deeper into the fate of the Neanderthal. After living and thriving across Europe for approximately 400,000 years they disappeared. Ella and Andy explore the fascinating mystery of why they became extinct – and take it a step further to reveal how they live inside all of us today. Investigating one of the world’s oldest and most gruesome murder mysteries, the two examine the skeleton found in Iraq years ago known as Shanidar-3. This phenomenal piece of evidence provides clues that may give us answers as to how the Neanderthal became extinct. Ella and her team reconstruct and experiment to discover whether the perpetrator was another Neanderthal – or a modern human.

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Street Date: December 18, 2018
Genre: Documentary
Run Time: Approximately 120 minutes on 1 disc
SRP: DVD, $24.99
Format: DVD and Digital 

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