Thursday, May 25, 2017

20/20: In an Instant 6/10 on ABC

A New Episode of ABC’s ‘In an Instant,’ ‘Deliver Us From Evil,’ Airs Saturday, June 10

‘20/20: In an Instant’ Airs Saturday, June 10, on ABC

Returning for its third season, “20/20: In an Instant” retells heart-pounding, first-hand accounts of the world’s most harrowing tales of survival by bringing them to life through breathtaking dramatizations. The powerful series features gripping interviews with the people whose lives were on the line and those who were instrumental in helping them survive. Ordinary people stared death in the face and outlasted tremendous odds. What key decisions did they make to save themselves? “20/20: In an Instant” airs on SATURDAY, JUNE 10 (9:00–11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

Episode 2 – “In an Instant: Deliver Us From Evil”
The family of Lindsay Tornambe followed Victor Barnard, a charismatic cult leader who ran the River Road Fellowship. The family eventually moved to Minnesota to live an isolated life with the group. There Victor called for families to permit their first born daughters to live with him, and he promised that young girls entrusted to his care would walk in the path of God. In 2000, when Victor wanted 13-year-old Lindsay to come live with nine other so-called “maidens” at his Shepherd’s Camp in Northern Minnesota, her family agreed. Little did they know that Lindsay would end up enduring a decade of sexual abuse by Victor.

Only after allegations surfaced about Victor having relations with married women did his abuse of Lindsay and another girl in the group come to light. Once Lindsay shared details of the sexual assaults, prosecutors were able to bring charges against Victor. By then, he had fled to Brazil.
After an international manhunt, he was arrested and extradited in 2016 and pled guilty to sexually assaulting Lindsay and another victim, resulting in a 30-year prison sentence.

“20/20: In An Instant” is executive produced by Maria Awes and Andy Awes for Committee Films in association with ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions. Rudy Bednar is executive producer on behalf of Lincoln Square Productions.

About Lincoln Square Productions
ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions produces original content for broadcast, cable and digital distribution specializing in compelling ways to tell fact-based stories, including ABC’s “What Would You Do?,” “Madoff,” “In An Instant” and the “Oscars® Opening Ceremony: Live From the Red Carpet,” Investigation Discovery’s “Barbara Walters Presents,” as well as documentary programming for a wide array of partners, including PBS, Discovery Communications and A & E Networks. Lincoln Square Productions is wholly-owned by the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. The headquarters are located in New York City’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. Danielle Rossen is vice president of unscripted production and Morgan Hertzan is senior vice president of Lincoln Square Productions.

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