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ABC and ESPN Reveal Early Top Player Picks From The Bachelorette Fantasy League

ABC and ESPN Reveal Early Top Player Picks From The Bachelorette Fantasy League

ABC And ESPN Reveal EARLY Top PLayer Picks From
The BachelorETTE Fantasy League
Bryan Upsets for First Impression Rose; Eric, Peter, Bryan, Will and DeMario
Emerge As Early Fan Favorites
Political Prognosticator FiveThirtyEight Weighs in With Tips and Analysis From
All 33 Seasons of ‘The Bachelor’/‘The Bachelorette’

Early predictions are in for The Bachelorette Fantasy League, the official ultimate fantasy game experience powered by ESPN for the 2017 season of “The Bachelorette.” In true “The Bachelorette” fashion, there is a dramatic turn of events for players, as Bryan (9.99 percent) gets the first impression rose over top pick Eric (12.59 percent). The Bachelorette Fantasy League – which is presented this season by Universal Pictures’ “Girls Trip” – is available now on ABC.com/BFL and the ESPN Fantasy App. Players can modify their picks for the final four men and final rose recipient up until Monday, June 19, at 4:59 p.m. PDT/7:59 p.m. EDT.  

The top fan choices so far for final four men and Final Rose are:
Final Four Men:
  • Eric (10.02 percent)
  • Bryan (7.03 percent)
  • Peter (7.01 percent)
  • Will (6.98 percent)
Picks For Final Rose:
  • Peter (14.66 percent)
  • Eric (11.60 percent)
  • Will (10.72 percent)
  • DeMario (7.90 percent)


For tips on “How To Spot A Front-Runner On The ‘Bachelor’ Or ‘Bachelorette,” FiveThirtyEight is offering extensive analysis from all 33 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Some of the more interesting findings include:

The first-impression rose is a great way to identify an early favorite but a poor way to pick a final rose recipient.

Date roses buy bachelor/ettes about two more weeks on the show.

One-on-one dates are more valuable earlier in the season, and going on a two-on-one date means that a bachelor/ette is probably toast. But most of all, if someone manages to make it past week one, they’re already closer to love than a third of all participants.

In addition to the final four men and final rose gameplay, The Bachelorette Fantasy League also features a weekly game throughout the entire season based on player predictions of events that will take place in the upcoming episode.  Examples from this coming week include:
  • A Hollywood super couple presents which of these challenges to Rachel’s bachelors on a group date?
    • “husband material” challenge
    • “cooking for two” challenge
    • “beach body workout” challenge
    • “dating etiquette” challenge

  •  Which of the following is written on one of the date cards this week?
    • “The sky’s the limit”
    • “Who let the dogs out?”
    • “Let’s make this a slam dunk”
    • “I’m looking for my best friend”
  • TRUE OR FALSE: Rachel’s ex-boyfriend shows up unexpectedly at the Bachelor mansion.
Players earn points for correct answers, and each point is an entry into both that week’s drawing for a prize bag that includes a signed headshot and $100 gift card and the grand-prize drawing at the end of the season. The Bachelorette Fantasy League sweepstakes is open to legal U.S. residents, 18 or older. No purchase necessary. See Official Rules for full details, including eligibility and season long and weekly prediction deadlines. 

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