Friday, July 28, 2017

Comic-Con 2017 Video Clips from FX shows

We’ve just posted clips for San Diego Comic-Con 2017. See how FX brought fearless to Comic-Con with ARCHER, LEGION and THE STRAIN.

Comic-Con 2017 | FX
DESCRIPTION:  Couldn’t make it to San Diego? See how FX brought fearless to Comic-Con.

Archer | Comic-Con 2017: Danger Island Preview | FX
DESCRIPTION:  Ready to head to Danger Island? Check out what was announced at Archer's Comic-Con panel. First person to make a danger zone joke gets punched, though.

Archer | Comic-Con 2017: Archer Fan Q&A | FX
DESCRIPTION:  After eight seasons, Sterling Archer himself finally came to Comic-Con. He answered fan questions live and drank. A lot.

Legion | Comic-Con 2017: Aubrey Plaza’s “Wild Ride” | FX
DESCRIPTION:  From Aubrey to Lenny to the Shadow King. Aubrey Plaza says it was a "wild ride" transforming into season one's most conniving character.

Legion | Comic-Con 2017: David’s Madness | FX
DESCRIPTION:  How did Dan Stevens capture the madness inside David’s head? He explain his acting inspiration during the Legion panel at Comic-Con 2017.

Legion | Comic-Con 2017: A New Dance Number? | FX
DESCRIPTION:  Which song would you have your character sing/dance to next season? Take notes, Noah Hawley…

Legion | Comic-Con 2017: A Mysterious Connection | FX
DESCRIPTION:  Two bodies, same person. Bill Irwin and Amber Midthunder have a myserious connection at the Legion Panel for Comic-Con 2017.

The Strain | Comic-Con 2017: Therapy Session | FX
DESCRIPTION:  Sit down everyone, it's time for a Strain therapy session. Watch this special sketch straight from the Comic-Con 2017 panel.

The Strain | Comic-Con 2017: Eph's Journey | FX
DESCRIPTION:  Does Eph still have the drive to save the world? Corey Stoll describes his character’s journey at Comic-Con.

The Strain | Comic-Con 2017: The End | FX
DESCRIPTION:  The end of The Strain is coming. Ruta Gedmintas discusses her journey during the Comic-Con panel.

The Strain | Comic-Con 2017: Stand Out Scene | FX
DESCRIPTION:  With so many choices, which scene stands out to Kevin Durand the most? He makes his choice at Comic-Con.

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