Friday, July 28, 2017

Dateline NBC 7/28 (Re-Run)

Dateline NBC Tonight!

"The Family Business"
When two relatives are killed, is a mob hit or a family secret to blame?

Dateline   |  July 28, 2017

Michele on her imagined life with her lover

Prosecutor Dan Bennett questions Michele Zammitti about the night Sean Fitzpatrick said he loved her.

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From 2009

This aired on Dateline NBC on Friday, July 17, 2009. The full show will not be available online;
to watch web-extra clips, click here.

Boston.  A cold wet morning in March, 2006.  The Big Dig was almost done.  20 years, it had taken to make the web of tunnels under Boston's harbor.  Biggest highway-tunnel project ever.  And all that drilling, pounding, pouring cement birthed an engineering marvel and a mecca for corruption and incompetence.  It was the backdrop for bad the time a motorist was crushed by faulty ceiling tiles.  And for a murder mystery novel.
And now, on this cold and damp March morning, it seemed, perhaps, it had spawned a real murder.

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