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20/20: In An Instant 8/26 (Rerun) on ABC

PROGRAM CHANGE: ABC News’ ‘20/20: In an Instant,’ ‘Frozen on the Mountain,’ Airs Saturday, August 26
Returning for its third season, “20/20: In an Instant” retells heart-pounding, first-hand accounts of the world’s most harrowing tales of survival by bringing them to life through breathtaking dramatizations. The powerful series features gripping interviews with the people whose lives were on the line and those who were instrumental in helping them survive. Ordinary people stared death in the face and outlasted tremendous odds. What key decisions did they make to save themselves? “20/20: In an Instant” airs on SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 (10:00–11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (Rebroadcast. ABC OAD: 07/08/2017)
“In an Instant: Frozen on the Mountain”
Army veteran Kenny Pasten, his dog, Rex, and friend Tiffany Finney were hiking in the San Bernardino National Forest near Big Bear, planning to scale the 11,500-foot summit of San Gorgonio. Pasten brought along a flag he received for being an Honor Guard serviceman that he planned to take photos of at the top. The weather was nice that day, but suddenly the skies turned and the trio was facing whiteout blizzard conditions.

With no trees around, Pasten found a bush and they hurried to dig a foxhole under it. He and Finney snuggled together with Rex and covered themselves with the flag. In the morning, they began to move in an effort to save themselves, despite the fact that Finney was in and out of consciousness, and hoped to get cell reception at the tallest point of the mountain and call for help. Eventually, Pasten was forced to leave Finney, but left Rex next to her to keep her warm.

Pasten took Finney’s phone with him and when he finally made it to the peak, with three percent battery power remaining, had a signal to call 911. Although the rescue helicopter couldn’t see him initially, Pasten sent a desperate text to 911 dispatch with his GPS coordinates just before the phone died.

Once the rescuers found Pasten, they went in search of Finney, who also miraculously survived. The two suffered severe cases of frostbite, and Finney lost a pinky. When a seasoned hiker heard about Pasten’s amazing survival story, he and his father went up the mountain in search of the still frozen flag, and finished Pasten’s mission to get it to the top.

“20/20: In an Instant” is executive produced by Maria Awes and Andy Awes for Committee Films in association with ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions. Rudy Bednar is executive producer on behalf of Lincoln Square Productions.

About Lincoln Square Productions
ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions produces original content for broadcast, cable and digital distribution specializing in compelling ways to tell fact-based stories, including ABC’s “What Would You Do?,” “Madoff,” “In An Instant” and the “Oscars® Opening Ceremony: Live From the Red Carpet,” Investigation Discovery’s “Barbara Walters Presents,” as well as documentary programming for a wide array of partners, including PBS, Discovery Communications and A & E Networks. Lincoln Square Productions is wholly-owned by the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. The headquarters are located in New York City’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. Morgan Hertzan is senior vice president of Lincoln Square Productions.


   Returning  for  its  third  season,  “20/20:  In  an  Instant”  retells  heart-­‐‑pounding,  first-­‐‑hand  accounts  of   the  world’s  most  harrowing  tales  of  survival  by  bringing   them  to  life  through  breathtaking   dramatizations.  The  powerful  series  features  gripping  interviews  with  the  people  whose  lives  were   on  the  line  and  those  who  were  instrumental  in  helping  them  survive.  Ordinary  people  stared  death   in  the  face  and  outlasted  tremendous  odds.  What  key  decisions  did  they  make  to  save  themselves?   A  new  episode  of  “20/20:  In  an  Instant”  airs  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  26  (10:00–11:00  p.m.  EDT),  on   The  ABC  Television  Network.  (Rebroadcast.  ABC  OAD:  07/01/2017)     “In  an  Instant:  Match  Made  in  Hell”       When  Mary  Kay  Beckman  decided  to  give  online  dating  a  try,  she  was  looking  for  a  “healthy,  loving   relationship.”  Instead  she  found  a  psychopath  who  ended  up
trying  to  kill  her.       Beckman  met  Wade  Ridley  in  September  of  2010  and,  within  less  than  two  weeks  of  dating,  realized   she  didn’t  want  to  see  Ridley  anymore.  Four  months  after  the  break  up,  Ridley  hid  in  Beckman’s   garage.  When  Beckman  got  home  that  night,  Ridley  attacked  her  with  a  butcher  knife,  stabbing  her   repeatedly  until  it  broke.  Then,  he  stomped  and  kicked  her  and  left  her  for  dead.  Beckman  was   fighting  for  her  life  when  a  neighbor  called  911.      

As  Beckman  was  fighting  to  recover,  police  searched  for  her  attacker  and  eventually  discovered   Ridley  was  already  in  custody  for  the  murder  of  another  ex-­‐‑girlfriend  whom  he  also  found  on  a   popular  dating  website.  Ultimately,  Ridley  confessed  to  Beckman'ʹs  brutal  attack  and  was  sentenced   to  up  to  70  years  in  prison.  Ridley  killed  himself  in  prison  before  standing  trial  for  the  murder  of  the   other  woman.     “20/20:  In  An  Instant”  is  executive  produced  by  Maria  Awes  and  Andy  Awes  for  Committee  Films   in  association  with  ABC  News’  Lincoln  Square  Productions.  Rudy  Bednar  is  executive  producer  on   behalf  of  Lincoln  Square  Productions.       About  Lincoln  Square  Productions   ABC  News’  Lincoln  Square  Productions  produces  original  content  for  broadcast,  cable  and  digital   distribution  specializing  in  compelling  ways  to  tell  fact-­‐‑based  stories,  including  ABC’s  “What   Would  You  Do?,”  “Madoff,”  “In  An  Instant”  and  the  “Oscars®  Opening  Ceremony:  Live  From  the
Red  Carpet,”  Investigation  Discovery’s  “Barbara  Walters  Presents,”  as  well  as  documentary   programming  for  a  wide  array  of  partners,  including  PBS,  Discovery  Communications  and  A  &  E   Networks.  Lincoln  Square  Productions  is  wholly-­‐‑owned  by  the  American  Broadcasting  Companies,   Inc.  The  headquarters  are  located  in  New  York  City’s  Lincoln  Square  neighborhood.  Morgan   Hertzan  is  senior  vice  president  of  Lincoln  Square  Productions.

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