Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise 8/28 & 8/29 on ABC

The Stakes for Love Are Never Higher on ABC’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Monday, August 28, and Tuesday, August 29
Corinne Olympios Will Tell Her Side of the Story in an In-Studio Interview
With Host Chris Harrison, Tuesday, August 29
“Episode 403A” – Tonight’s wild and wildly entertaining episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” airing MONDAY, AUGUST 28 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, begins, ironically, with the arrival of a virgin with a date card. Although her “friend” from Nick’s season of “The Bachelor” warns the virgin that her man would be a “waste of time” asking, he lets her know that, despite what she might have heard, he would love to go on a date with her. And so he does.
While one blunt woman talks trash about the “slimy-assed bitch” who is trying to steal her man, she and one of the men have fun together strolling through downtown Sayulita and shopping for sexy swimsuits. After connecting over drinks at a beachside bar, the two chronic people-pleasers toast to “doing you,” then strip down to their new swimsuits and get a little wild in the water.

Later that night, trouble bubbles up for one sweet duo when they have their first fight in Paradise. Will this couple have what it takes to push through their issues?

At the rose ceremony, one man, who is interested in two women, has to choose one to give his rose to, knowing that the other one will probably be going home, while another man finds himself torn between the “right option” and the “more exciting option.” Unlike the others, another man has no trouble deciding between the two ladies interested in him, but he gets an earful from the livid loser when she realizes that there is not a man in Paradise who will give her a rose.

One popular player has tough talks with both of his not-so-secret admirers, but finds it too difficult to choose between them and leaves Paradise before handing out his rose. Word of his departure spreads, shocking all, and leaving some scrambling for the few roses that might still be up for grabs.

Host Chris Harrison has an even bigger surprise in store when he introduces a new arrival just as the rose ceremony is about to begin.

“Episode 403B” – The drama and surprises continue in the episode that airs TUESDAY, AUGUST 29 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), as last night’s unexpected, last-minute arrival is swarmed by rose-seeking honey bees desperate for the safety he can provide. At the rose ceremony, the other sexy scramblers hear their names called as well, most surprisingly in Jasmine’s case, when her already departed Don Juan makes a shocking return to hand her one last rose before leaving again for good. Two American beauties are not as fortunate, as they are sent packing, rose-less, back to the States.

Fittingly, late arrival’s date card does not arrive until the next morning, when a hunting party of masked Mexican wrestlers tracks him down to make the very special delivery. The goofy game-player makes the recipient of his rose sweat a little before finally asking her out on the date, in which they both break a sweat by learning the Mexican form of wrestling called Lucha Libre. The woman seems to enjoy being manhandled by her date during practice, but they do their best work when teaming up to compete in front of a live crowd for the “Bachelor in Paradise All-time Heavyweight Championship of the Whole World.” Although there will be no victory kiss, the new tag-team title-holders decide to celebrate their victory with a shower instead.

When a “Tickle Monster” moves into Paradise, he already has his date card in hand to tickle the fancy of “Scallop Fingers,” who is lucky to even be there, having been saved from eviction just the night before by another bachelor. He is clearly bummed and bothered back at the bar, as he sits wondering whether or not there will be any tickling on the date. As soon as they return, he steals Scallop Fingers away and, turn-about being fair play, makes his move, leaving the Tickle Monster to wonder what is happening. All this attention leaves Scallop Fingers wondering how she went from being unattached and on her way home one night to being in a love triangle the next.

As one love triangle is forming, another may be about to explode. When the Russian orphan sees the other woman making out in the pool with the man with whom she, herself, had spent the previous night, she feels so hurt, so disrespected that even “the orphanage was better than Paradise.”
Later, all of the crazy drama is open for discussion when some members of the cast join host Chris Harrison in a special studio session. A drama queen and her would-be king pay a visit to discuss their rocky relationship in Paradise. And finally, Corinne returns to tell her side of the story in her first public appearance since the events that started it all.

Over the course of the season, we’ll follow these former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new relationships while living together in Mexico, in a secluded and dreamy paradise. America will watch as they fall in love or go through renewed heartbreak. “Bachelor in Paradise” will feature shocking twists, surprises, unexpected guests and some of the most unlikely relationships in “Bachelor” history. There’s no telling who will find love this season, just like Jade and Tanner did and their subsequent 2016 wedding.

Hosted by Chris Harrison, “Bachelor in Paradise” is produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss, Martin Hilton, Nicole Woods and Elan Gale are executive producers. “Bachelor in Paradise” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format. (CLOSED CAPTIONED)

Fans of “Bachelor in Paradise” can get even more access by viewing ”Bachelor Insider”’s web series “Will You Accept This Ride?” where YouTube personality Lisa Schwartz (@lisbug) takes “The Bachelor” limousine for a spin and chats with special guests about the latest episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The series is from Warner Horizon Television. 

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