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Green Acres - 'The Complete 4th Season' DVDs: Street Date, Pricing, Cover Art!

Green Acres - 'The Complete 4th Season' DVDs: Street Date, Pricing, Cover Art!

Shout! Factory is planning a separate release, just in time for Christmas

Posted by David Lambert
A bit over a month ago we brought you the exciting news that Shout! Factory had picked up the rights to release Green Acres - The Complete Series on DVD, with all six seasons of the show. As we explained at the time, MGM had previously released the first three seasons way back in 2004-05, but never got past the third season set. Now with The Complete Series, fans who wanted the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons would be able to get them all at once!

But what about folks who already own those first three seasons on DVD? Will they be able to buy separate season sets for those last trio of seasons? So far we've been responding to our reader emails with assurances that it only makes sense that Shout! would break out individual season titles for those. After all, the DVDs are already produced (for the Complete Series pack!); it's just a matter of printing more copies of the discs and putting them into boxes that are configured for sets of each season.

And now we have proof that we were right to be so confident! Shout Factory and/or their distributors are informing retailers that on November 28th (perfectly timed for holiday gift-giving!) they will release Green Acres - The Complete 4th Season on DVD. It's priced at $26.95 SRP, and you can already pre-order it at a discount from retailers such as

Cover art is below, and as you can see Shout! is keeping to the general layout style that MGM used for the cover art of their DVD releases for this classic show. Our thanks to longtime reader (and good friend) Wesley Mead for his help on this story, and to reader David Mears for some assistance he provided as well. Stay tuned and we'll update you if the studio provides any additional information about this long-awaited release!
Green Acres - The Complete 4th Season

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