Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rake - RLJ/Acorn Announces Their DVD Release for 'Series 3'

Rake - RLJ/Acorn Announces Their DVD Release for 'Series 3'

3-disc set will be available in mid-September

Posted by David Lambert
    In Series 3, smart but self-destructive lawyer Cleaver Greene languishes in prison on manslaughter charges. After serving several months surrounded by old enemies, fellow lawyer Scarlet wins his appeal hearing. Cleaver soon finds that his already bad reputation has gotten worse since he went inside. Not even criminals want to be represented by Cleaver, until a corruption scandal involving a casino mogul and the former Attorney General.
Having released the second series just over a month ago, RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Media brand is releasing Rake - Series 3 on DVD this September 12th. The 3-disc set with 8 episodes, Outtakes, and English subtitles will cost $39.99 SRP, and cover art is below:
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