Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sneak peek at TLC special GROWING UP EVANCHO

Sneak peek at TLC special GROWING UP EVANCHO:
Tonight at 10/9c check out the new TLC special GROWING UP EVANCHO, where viewers will meet the normal yet not-so-normal Evancho family from Pittsburgh. Parents Lisa and Mike have four kids, Rachel, 13, Zach, 15 Jackie, 17 and Juliet, 19. Perhaps the most famous is Jackie, who at 10 years old dazzled American television audiences and gained global recognition with her stunning debut on America’s Got Talent. Fast forward seven years later, Jackie performed at the inauguration of President Trump, despite backlash from her fans disapproving of Trump’s lack of support for LGBTQ issues.

Jackie, now 17 and an established vocal powerhouse, is broadening her range and also working in the pop and Broadway genres.  She released her first pop songs and her eighth studio album, Two Hearts. Meanwhile, Jackie’s older sister Juliet, 19 and transgender, is hoping to pursue her dream to be a model and continue as an LGBTQ activist. The sisters are at a crossroads individually and within themselves. Both girls utilize their platforms to speak out against Trump’s rollback of transgender rights while still trying to maintain a balance within their careers and family life. Get a glimpse into the Evancho family tonight on TLC!

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