Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Available on HBO NOW: Short Films from Top 3 Finalists of Asian Pacific American Visionaries Festival

HBO's Short Film Finalists From Asian Pacific American Visionaries Available on HBO NOW

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, short films from the top three finalists in HBO’s 2019 Asian Pacific American Visionaries (APA) Short Film Competition are now available to stream on HBO NOW.  The shorts will also be available to stream across all of HBO’s on-demand and digital platforms.

HBO established APA Visionaries competition in 2016, as part of a mission to help provide a platform for Asian Pacific American stories and to further a dialogue surrounding representation in Hollywood and the importance of diversity in entertainment. This year’s three finalists include ‘Halwa’ directed by Nirav Bhakta,  ‘Moonwalk With Me’ directed by So Young Shelly Yo’ and ‘Zoetic’ directed by Julie Zhan.

The HBO Short Film Award finalists’ films available now for streaming includes:
Director: Nirav Bhakta
Co-Director: Gayatri Bajpai
Synopsis: The story of an Indian woman who rekindles her relationship with a childhood sweetheart through Facebook messages but her abusive husband takes notice.
Trailer: HERE
So Young Shelly Yo
Synopsis: About a Korean American girl who is haunted by her father’s disappearances and tells the story of the immigrant experience through a magical landscape.
Trailer: HERE
Director: Julie Zhan
Co-Director: Wesley Chan
Synopsis: A coming of age story about a single, 60-year old Chinese immigrant mother who is challenged to think of her own wants and needs. She reluctantly agrees to join an online dating app with the help of her daughter. Through the experience, they begin to break through the emotional wall between Asian parent and child.
Trailer: HERE

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