Friday, July 26, 2019

60 Minutes 7/28 on CBS


Editor’s note: These previously broadcast segments have been updated for this summer edition.
THE PRINCIPLES OF RAY DALIO – Billionaire investment fund pioneer Ray Dalio tells Bill Whitaker capitalism is broken and must be reformed because the income gap between rich and poor has become a “national emergency.” Guy Campanile is the producer.
ROBOTS TO THE RESCUEThe world’s worst nuclear disaster to clean up is in Fukushima, Japan. Seven years after a massive meltdown in the Daiichi Power Plant, Lesley Stahl reports on efforts that will depend on state-of-the-art robots. Richard Bonin and Aisha Siddiqi are the producers.
MONACO – Where else but this legendary principality does a penthouse apartment go for $300 million and revelers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at a restaurant in a single night. Anderson Cooper drops in on the party and meets the prince. David M. Levine and Michael H. Gavshon are the producers.
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