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CLIP: Tamron Hall On Having a Second Baby and Exploring Surrogacy

October 25, 2019

Tamron Hall Opened Friday’s Show With A Personal Moment -- A Conversation Around Having A Second Baby And Potentially Exploring Surrogacy 

Tamron Also Welcomes Nine-Time Olympic Track And Field Medalist Allyson Felix Who Shares Why She’s No Longer Sponsored By Nike After Deciding To Start A Family

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Watch clips from today’s “Tamron Hall” below.

The October 25th edition of “Tamron Hall” sparked many important and timely conversations around motherhood, beginning with the top of the show where Tamron revealed she’s considering having a second child. As an introduction to the upcoming hour, which included intimate sit-downs with a woman who developed a rare cancer caused by pregnancy and Olympian Allyson Felix who shared how pregnancy affected her career, Tamron addressed the audience:So many people have asked me if I will have a second baby. Will I have a second baby? I don’t know why people keep asking me that, because my new baby is only six months. But the answer is, I would love to have a second child and one of the things I’m considering is surrogacy for very, very personal reasons that I’ll challenge you to think about one day, but not today.” 

Tamron’s first guest was Las Vegas TV news anchor (KSNV News), Michelle Velez, who opened up about how doctors discovered her rare cancer caused by pregnancy, and what the public response has been since she shared her story. It was when she opened up about her situation that Velez realized that she was not alone: “They say this is one in every one thousand pregnancies and they say that’s rare, but to me, that’s not rare. And I’ve really noticed how many people have been affected by this. I’ve been contacted by people literally from all over the world and I think the problem is that no one ever has talked about this, no one knew anything about this...It’s just this really random, shocking thing. How can you go from being pregnant to having cancer and not know that that can happen?”

Also, the most decorated female Olympian in track and field history, Allyson Felix,  joined Tamron to share the fears she had about revealing her pregnancy and how it ultimately changed the course of her career. The nine-time Olympic medalist who was sponsored by Nike for eight years, spoke out in a powerful way via a New York Times OpEd when her contract negotiations reached a standstill. When explaining the fall-out with Nike to Tamron, Felix said: “It was already very scary to disclose my pregnancy. And then where things really broke down in negotiations was when I asked for protection surrounding maternity and language in contracts, and that’s because it’s not just about myself it’s for future generations to come to be able to have that security.” 

When asked whether she thought that Nike worried Felix’s value would decrease after becoming a mother, she answered: Of course, yeah. I think a lot of women experience that and I definitely felt that and I knew it wasn’t true. I know what women can do and what we’re built for and so I was confident in myself.”

Tamron later surprised Felix by inviting her mentor and Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee to speak to Felix and the ‘Tamron Hall’ audience via skype. 

On her relationship with Felix and her recent efforts, Joyner-Kersee said:
“Just to be a part of her journey and just to see how she has grown and how she takes on challenges and never changes who she is and to have this young voice now - that she can reach millions and millions of young girls around this nation as well as the world.”

Listings for “Tamron Hall” the week of October 28 are below. Upcoming, highlights include rapper and actor T.I., the legendary singer-songwriter Chaka Khan and more.  

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“Tamron Hall” Upcoming Listings: 
Monday, October 28: Captain Tammie Jo Shults, the pilot who safely landed a flight after a mid-air explosion. Plus: Dana Bledsoe on healing her cancer holistically.

Tuesday, October 29: Rapper and actor T.I. Plus: Writer Dan Piepenbring on the collaboration with Prince for his memoir, The Beautiful Ones.  

Wednesday, October 30:  An exclusive interview with Debra Newell whose romance, which went horribly wrong, inspired the blockbuster podcast Dirty John.

Thursday, October 31:  Tamron’s first-ever Halloween Legends Ball with the legendary Chaka Khan.

Friday, November 1:  Dan Gasby on his decision to start dating while still caring for his wife B. Smith, who has Alzheimer’s; plus his partner Alex Lerner and daughter Dana. And: kitchen tricks with Lauren Braun Costello.

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