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--TLC bolsters its family lineup with a new six-part series premiering November 5--
(Silver Spring, MD) – The nine flaxen-haired children in the Plath family have never had a soda, don’t know who Spider-Man or Tom Brady is and have never watched TV, living remotely in rural Georgia with their “follow their own rules” parents Kim and Barry Plath. In the latest of its iconic family shows, TLC invites viewers to “unplug” from their fast-paced lives in its new six-part series, WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE, premiering Tuesday, November 5 at 10PM ET/PT

“Wow, we were immediately sucked in by the Plath family and their commitment to maintaining this fairytale-like bubble amidst our fast-paced, always-connected culture,” said TLC President and General Manager Howard Lee.  “With TLC’s family series, we love giving viewers the chance to dip into a world so different from their own, but at the same time, offer those relatable, recognizable elements, in this case, the universal joys and challenges of raising a family.” 

Kim and Barry have built a dream life on a 55-acre farm in southern Georgia for their children, ages 6 to 21.  The Plath kids have grown up running free and barefoot, climbing trees, catching bugs and finding the most creative ways to have fun together without the influence of social media and the outside world. The Plath kids aren’t familiar with Lebron James or Justin Bieber, but according to their parents, they are more connected to each other and real-life than the average kid raised on television and mobile devices. 

Kim and Barry created this protected environment to shield their children from the chaos of the modern world and to instill the traditional values they hold so dear, especially regarding hard work, charitable morals and family roles. But recent changes to the family dynamic have challenged the Plath’s preservation of their conservative lifestyle in today’s modern world.

The Plath children were all raised under the same roof with the same values, but just like any family, no two kids are alike – they differ in temperament, from pious and dutiful to adventure-seeking and fun-loving. Almost a year ago, the oldest Plath, Ethan, married Olivia, whose open perspective and worldliness helped establish a contrasting set of rules for their household. They allow sugar, television, alcohol and social media, and are more exposed to different lifestyles and viewpoints. And while Ethan is enjoying being introduced to new things daily, it has resulted in tension between the households as this more modern lifestyle is influencing Ethan’s siblings. 

The older children are starting to find their independence. 18-year-old Micah can come and go as he pleases, and he often visits Ethan and Olivia with 17-year-old Moriah, who has always craved more freedom and feels like the outcast of the family. Moriah finds a friend in Olivia, who is happy to widen her horizons. Both Moriah and Micah want to experience what the world has to offer, especially after seeing the life that Olivia and Ethan have created for themselves. Kim and Barry are challenged with trying to maintain a connection with Micah and Moriah while still protecting their younger kids from any outside, disruptive influence. But as they see the more modern world moving in, they’re forced to deal with the consequences of a family that’s changing faster than it ever has before.

Meet the Plath Family:
  • Kim Plath is a Naturopathic Doctor who was a Music Therapy major in college. She loves music and is skilled in horseback riding.
  • Barry Plath is originally from Minnesota. He currently works as a transportation planner.
  • Ethan Plath is 21 years old and has a passion for collecting vintage cars. If given the chance he would choose to live in the 1950s for the cars alone.
  • Olivia Plath is a 21-year old destination wedding photographer with a nomadic spirit and a risk-taking, big-dreaming, sky-chasing heart.  She is originally from Virginia and loves tackling projects with her husband, Ethan.
  • Hosanna Plath is 20 years old and is a violinist who tours full time with her pianist husband Timothy Nobel.  They were married in the spring of 2019 and live in Ohio.
  • Micah Plath is 18 years old and raises beef cows on the Plath farm. He enjoys being active, whether that’s at the gym or tending to his livestock. You can also find him in the autobody shop working on his truck. 
  • Moriah Plath is 17 years old and is interested in the arts. She loves singing and dancing and wants to do more traveling. She has also become a photography assistant to her sister-in-law Olivia.
  • Lydia Plath is 15 years old and loves studying languages. She has a heart for missionary work and is passionate about helping orphaned children.
  • Isaac Plath is 13 years old and known as the comedian of the family. His dream is to become a commercial pilot. He reads about airplanes in his spare time and has taken a few flights in small planes. 
  • Amber Plath is 10 years old and enjoys learning and doing her schoolwork, especially math.
  • Cassia is 8 and Mercy is 6 years old. Their favorite thing to do is play on the Plath farm together. They have lots of fun using the swings that their brothers have made for them.
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